Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakthrough or... just something people don't see in Patrik

This is the back seat of our car. Two child's sits. One for Loris and one for Patrik. You're probably wondering why did I put that photo as a start of my blog post. Perhaps you are wondering why am I telling this.

We have several rules in our house and one of them is - the safety belts must be locked in their places before we move. This rule we have since the "day one" and both, Loris and Patrik never argued about it. Actually, if Loris sometimes needs more time to do it - she will scream 'stop' until she is done.

This morning, we did - as usuall our Saturday shopping. We were a little bit late than other times as J had his Christmas party yesterday and he came home around midnight, so he needed his 'beauty' sleep a little bit longer.
After we finished in the store J took Patrik and the groceries to the car, and I went to look if I will find one extra stuff in some other store. Well, I didn't, so I followed them to the parking. They were already in the car, so I just sat into the car.

J. managed to get the car out of the parking space, when suddenly Patrik started to grab my shoulder from the behind. I took his hand and he almost twisted mine. I asked him what was wrong and turned around to see if he lost his teddy, when I saw - 
Patrik was holding his unfastened seat belt and tried to tell me that he had unlocked himself while they were waiting for me in the parked car and that he wanted to be fasten with it again. 
I was so amazed about all this I neglected the point which J. tried to show me. J. fastened his seat belt but Patrik unfastened it afterwards and that - according to J - was wrong thing to do.
At one point I agreed with J. but I was so amazed - Patrik 'told' me that he needed to be wearing the safety belt. It never happened to me before. I still am.

So, J. found the first empty parking space and I went out to fasten Patrik's seat belt.

J. had his share of arguments, untill - not much later - actually two intersections later - we came across car accident - which must have happened just few minutes before we drove to there.
J. appologized to Patrik. If he wouldn't have done what he did, we might have been in the middle of it. 


  1. That's great, Petra. I know exactly how you feel about Patrik *communicating* to you that he needed his seatbelt on. Fantastic! :)

  2. Looking for Blue Sky has left a new comment on your post "Breakthrough or... just something people don't see...":

    That's great news :) I love it when my special girl manages to communicate something new to me x