Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I was never good with my new year's resolutions. I never - most of the time - kept them. So, I will not make any of it this year. I will go with the flow.

The year that is comming to an end was... well, let me say simple - I'm glad it is over.

For 2013 I wish you all to get what you didn't in 2012. I know it will be enough.

Laugh, love and don't forget about yourself!

Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakthrough or... just something people don't see in Patrik

This is the back seat of our car. Two child's sits. One for Loris and one for Patrik. You're probably wondering why did I put that photo as a start of my blog post. Perhaps you are wondering why am I telling this.

We have several rules in our house and one of them is - the safety belts must be locked in their places before we move. This rule we have since the "day one" and both, Loris and Patrik never argued about it. Actually, if Loris sometimes needs more time to do it - she will scream 'stop' until she is done.

This morning, we did - as usuall our Saturday shopping. We were a little bit late than other times as J had his Christmas party yesterday and he came home around midnight, so he needed his 'beauty' sleep a little bit longer.
After we finished in the store J took Patrik and the groceries to the car, and I went to look if I will find one extra stuff in some other store. Well, I didn't, so I followed them to the parking. They were already in the car, so I just sat into the car.

J. managed to get the car out of the parking space, when suddenly Patrik started to grab my shoulder from the behind. I took his hand and he almost twisted mine. I asked him what was wrong and turned around to see if he lost his teddy, when I saw - 
Patrik was holding his unfastened seat belt and tried to tell me that he had unlocked himself while they were waiting for me in the parked car and that he wanted to be fasten with it again. 
I was so amazed about all this I neglected the point which J. tried to show me. J. fastened his seat belt but Patrik unfastened it afterwards and that - according to J - was wrong thing to do.
At one point I agreed with J. but I was so amazed - Patrik 'told' me that he needed to be wearing the safety belt. It never happened to me before. I still am.

So, J. found the first empty parking space and I went out to fasten Patrik's seat belt.

J. had his share of arguments, untill - not much later - actually two intersections later - we came across car accident - which must have happened just few minutes before we drove to there.
J. appologized to Patrik. If he wouldn't have done what he did, we might have been in the middle of it. 

Saturday, December 08, 2012


Let me tell you some of Patrik's latest achievements. I haven't done this for some time, have I?

So let me list them:

- Patrik and drinking (non alcoholic of course) :o)
For a long time Patrik drank out of a - first baby bottle - and then from a bottles with sport's plug. We tried everything to teach him how to drink with a straw or from a cup, glass, mug... you name it, we tried it... Not a chance.

Untill this summer when I spoke to one dad and he told me his way how he had taught his daughter. I tried and - wow - although it took me several hours, just to convince him to put the straw into his mouht - it worked.

From that day forward, no more bottles - yes here and there - but not on every day basis.

We were very surprised when his school prepared a chidren & parents picnic and as we were outside - of course - and all the drinks we got were in plastic, wobbling cups and we were not quite sure if he will be able to drink out of it. Surprise, surprise. Patrik took his cup. Took it to the table and drank out of it WITHOUT a straw or spilled it... 
We were speachless...

- Patrik and apples
As Patrik had so rigid diet almost from his birth, when I finally started to listne my own 'head', he didn't want to eat any fruit of vegetable. I remember that one day I had said: "At least he would eat apples, and i will not argue!" Well, he started to eat apples. Not just one per day (takes the doctor away), but to be honest - 1 kilo per day. He is a big apple eater, like me.

But we needed to cut his apples on at least four pieces, otherwise he didn't eat the apple. And we did. For quite some years. We didn't peal it though, but we cut them.

Untill couple of weeks ago, I was told by J. who was told by Patrik's teacher that he ate the whole apple by bitting into it. We couldn't believe it and so we tried it at home. No way. When I gave him an apple, he brought me a knife... 

Then a couple of evenings ago, he brought me an apple again. As the clock was already past 7 p.m. I told him that if he wanted to eat apple, he can eat it withouht cuting it in pieces. What he did? He ate the whole apple without me taking it into pieces. Since that day - we don't need to cut his apples into pieces...

And here is the proof.

- Patrik and the cartoons (TV in general)
As a small boy Patrik loved the cartoons. We watched and rewatched Mulan, Mulan 2, Nemo, Toy story, etc... Then one day all this stopped. Loris watched and watches cartoons still now. Patrik for the last two and a half years - no way. We had nothing to entertain him at least for a while.

Then, it happened. We believe it is his school that 'taught' him watching cartoons again. To combine an entertainment and teaching how to handle the i-Pad and with what strenght to handle the i-Pad, J. put some cartoon on it and put it into Patrik's lap.

We are watching cartoons again...

- Patrik and bicycle
The last and I think not the least - progres Patrik did was one that I thought it might never happen. At least that what I was thinking of this summer when I tried to persuade Patrik who was sitting on his bicycle to push the pedals to come closer to me. I was sitting two seps away on the bench. He refused. I struglled for an hour and a half - I would have longer, but then Loris and J. had enough and wanted to go home. I had to pushed him all the way back to our car, just because he didn't 'get it' how to paddle or, he didn't want it.

A month or so we got a excercise bike - not new one, but nevertheless. We got one. As all the other stuffs are all over the house, the only possible room to put it into was our bedroom. We had an idea how we will practice on it every evening. Jeah, right! Then after Loris' swimming class we realised that she needs excercise - more than she has it - as she lacks of physical condition (as I do and of course J. too). We let her do her evening cycling in our room. 

One evening Patrik came with us to see what we are doing. When he saw us, he turned around and left. Two or three days after that I was searching for him and found him sitting on the bike in our room. In an instant a decision was made and I asked him if he wants to try. 

He let me put his leg on the pedal and I slowly drop him down and put his other foot to the other pedal and suddenly, as he is to small to seat on the bike, he was lifting himself up and down - cycling. We were amazed. Few months ago he didn't want to try. Now he was cycling. 100m at least that the bike said.

I felt like he climbed K2.