Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 3

What happened before, you can find here: Is speech really everything - Part 2

So, to cut the story a little short - we went together (J., Patrik & I) to that appointment. Somehow - I confess - we were prepared to the worst possible thing. Especially J. as the last appointment Patrik had two years ago, the doctor was not particulary nice. Not to Patrik, not to me. Actually, at some point she had raised her voice at me, that day.

When we were called in - surprise. There was almost nothing we didn't get - the referral for the genetic tests, referral for the CT, appointment at the psychologist from her team, that same day. As we took the day off, we decided to go.

Psychologist was very nice. We talked and she actually worked with him. And she was quite impressed about him, as we were seeing what actually he showed her.
Later we agreed for new meeting and we left.

The August ended, nothing particulary happened. In September only I went with Patrik to the psyhologist and again I was told only positive things.  Agreed for new meeting a week later. Well, till this day I don't know what we were doing there. We were out of her office in, perhaps 20 minutes; just with her saying that she cannot give the recommendation for the school we want him to go. As he has 'moderate to severe' mental retardation. I looked at her and thinking if I fell in different reality.
Patrik did most of the things she wanted him to do in the previous two appointments. Yes, sometimes it took him time, but he had done at least 80 percent of the things, she gave him to do/show.

A little bit later we got new ST in Ljubljana and we started to work with her. At first he needed some time to adjust to her, her office and her way of work. And quite some months later, she was impressed by him. She called him different lovingly names.

At some time when during the session we talk about the things Patrik should practice at home and Patrik saw that her attention was not on him, he stated to do his task intentionally wrong and waited for her to see it. When she didn't, he corrected his wrong doing so apparently, that she had to see it. And at few times she told us, he was testing her.

During that months we had also an apointment on Faculty of Education in University of Ljubljana, with professor defectology. Of couse we went there. It was a part of evaluation and the lady was one of the members of the Commission.

When we came we asked her to let Patrik get to know the place and of course her, and surprisengly she told us that this appointment was more meeting with us, than working with Patrik. We were a little bit puzzled, but anyway... we talked.

We told her which scool we thought was the best for Patrik and also gave her our rasons, and she totally agreed with us. She told us, that her recomendation will be that. 

I don't need to tell you that a part of the stone we wore on our backs fell off of our backs. What we didn't realised was...

... that part of the stone just gave the place for new and bigger one. Which fell on our shoulders approximately month later...


  1. It is always such a rigmarole getting help for our kids. Extremely frustrating and also at times, upsetting. I am sorry that you and your family have to go through all of this. x

    1. It was a lesson, Di. Not welcomed lesson, but lesson nevertheless. We learned.

  2. Oh I was so hoping for a happy ending to this post until I read the last sentence :( xx

    1. Thank you Sky... Unfortunately that's how almost always is...