Monday, November 19, 2012

Foggy days

This week weather prognosis: 
* Monday - Low clouds with Shower possible --- around 10°C
* Tuesday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Wednesday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Thursday - Cloudy with a Shower --- around 10°C
* Friday - Low clouds --- around 9°C
* Saturday - Mostly cloudy and mild --- 14°C (if you believe it!)
* Sunday - Rain --- 10°C

Just some photos from Saturday to bring back my happy mood in this short foggy/cloudy/raining days that are ahead of me. 

I really need sun!!!


  1. Those photos are gorgeous :) We've had a few grey days here too, but they're always broken up with a few sunny hours :)

    1. :) I don't mind grey days if here and there the sun can be seen, but for the past week and this one, nothing than low clouds are sad to be seen... Last Saturday was really something special, and we enjoyed every minute in it...

  2. Your winter has certainly come around quickly. It doesn't feel that long ago since I saw your last *snowy* pictures! I love your photos, so warm and inviting.

    1. Thank you Di. Yes it was only 14 days ago when we got our first snow of the winter... It's just too soon... at least for me...