Friday, November 23, 2012

Brother and Sister playing

So rarely happens in this house that brother and sister play together. As you all know, beeing Autistic, Patrik is not really keen in social playing. But when he decides to play with his sister, nothing stops him. Not even my demanding that Loris has to practice her piano...

This happened almost 2,5 months ago. I think it was end of Patrik's first week in school. Well, not everything what you can see here is something we are proud of. We were a little bit negative surprised when we saw Patrik trying to hurt Loris as she didn't understand him, what he wants, but at the end, everything sorted out right and Patrik - at least we think so - understood that kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

But anyway - it's nice to see them playing together. I know Loris misses that. And that she misses that A LOT!!! 

p.s.: This is not Loris playing... yet...

p.p.s: I'm happy to tell you, Patrik did understand that hurting someone is not the right thing to do... It seems that every lesson gets to him...


  1. It was really lovely to watch your kids together. I particularly liked that Patrik was so relaxed with Loris that she was able to move his legs easily without any resistance from him. I don't think the hitting was a huge issue.. some of it was part of a pattern and some of it was communication. :)

  2. That was so beautiful! Lovely to see them interacting together so nicely. I'm loving the continued initiating of interaction that Patrik was doing and the way that he took very clear action to want to continue playing with Loris. Wonderful x