Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Award for my blog...

My blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award 

a interesting blog by a dad with autistic son. This was a surprise and nevetheless an honour and I am thankfull that he finds my blog intersting and written with passion.

I was asked to do a few things to qualify for the award. Let me list them: 
- Thank the person who gave you this award (well, even if that wouldn't have been on the list - I would have done it);
- Display the Liebster heart on your blog (did it)
- Nominate 3 to 5 up-and-coming blogs who have less than 200 subscribers (at the end of the post)
- Post 11 things about myself (hard one)
- Answer the questions given to me by the blogger who nominated me (even harder...)
- Create 11 questions for my nominees to answer (oh, h..l,)
- Notify my nominees and provide a link back to this post
- No tag backs (what would be the purpose to do that?)

So, here I go, some of them - if not all - you already know:

* Although I love pencils and fountain pens, I mostly write with ballpoint pens. If I could, I would write with goose feather. 
* Love books. The more, the better.
* Hate what this world economic crisis has done to my life and our family.  But this is good. If I would have been indifferent, I wouldn't search for new & better chances to change it.
* I need challenges.
* Get quickly bored.
* Have three published novels and several short stories... and much, much  more of them in my head.
* Suffer from cronic lack of time.
* Listen almost all types of music - love Irish folk music.
* Want to escape to some other country.
* Love wind, sea and sun & laughter.
* Am not scared of heights.

Answering the questions: 

1) What in your opinion are the three books or series of books people should read before they die and why?
Huh, this is but hard one. I have my favourites, but to say that they are the ones, one must read before they die - I will not go that far. Usually I leave the opinion to the reader. Perhaps just names of some my favourite books. If you will read them or did read them, you might understand why. The random order:
- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
- La catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea) by Ildefonso Falcones
- Trinity by Leon Uris
2) Where would you like to take a two day hike and why?

Two days hike - at the coast - favourite places: Land's End, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry or over through the Highlands - although all those hikes would take me more than two days and I just wouldn't mind.
3) What is your favourite quote?

My son's quote: N'Č BAT! in translation: "No fear!" Simple, but powerful.
4) What one person would you most like to meet?

I thought about this very much and I just couldn't find any particular - perhaps my late uncle Vincent who died in Australia without ever knowing/seeing him.
5) What is your greatest passion?

Books & Writting... All others change as I & time are changing.
6) What is your favourite blog post by another blogger?

There are several favourite blogs and blog posts from different blogger - to choose just one of them would have been unfair.
7) Why was your favourite teacher, your favourite teacher?

Although I never had favourite teacher - I should mention my primary school English teacher, who encouraged me in learning English with saying I aknowledge years later (keep in mind you know much more than they - you speak their language, they are not speaking yours).
8) If you had to shift to another country, which country and why?

Ireland, UK or Spain. No particular reason - somehow attracted to me.
9) What is your favourite TV program ever?

Cannot think of any....
10) When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?

Don't remember exactly - around 8 years old.
11) What question should I have omitted from this group?


So, my nominees - not quite fair, because I would love to nominee several of them:
- Looking for blue sky - a blog from a mum who helps me see what might wait for me in the future
It's a crazy world! - she writes serious things if a humorous way... I would love to see her perform as a stand up comedian - hey Jointy have you thought about it?
-  Foxglove Lane - as her photographs help me get back to Ireland withouth actual traveling... I just mixed my imagination, my memories with her photos and I'm already there... - reading her story helps me stop to be sorry for myself;
- Bright Side of Life - altought she was nominated from some other blogger, I just have to nominee her too. It seems that she is an inspiration to so many. She will have less work to do... :o)

So 11 questions: 

1.) What was the most important lesson you've learned from your parents, but you aknowledged that years later?
2.) What would you do if you would have a chance to change your career?
3.) Besides your closest family members - who's advices you follow the most?
4.) If you would have unlimited resources of money - what would you do first?
5.) Which memory of yours is your favourite one?
6.) The most embarrassed moment of your life? (optional)
7.) Your best decision in your life?
8.) Your worst decision in your life?
9.) Were you raised in big family?
10.) Do you have big family of your own?
11.) Which animal scares you the most and why?

So this is it. I never thought I would master this. Quite a work... :o) for someone with cronic lack of time...


  1. Thank you so much for your nomination! You are very kind. I'm sure I don't deserve it at all and I may not even get around to answering all your questions, but I am very very chuffed:~))

  2. There's so much about you that I didn't know and thank you for all your votes for Ireland. And THANK YOU for the award :) xx

  3. Hi Petra, THANK YOU for the nomination... I am so bad, I just haven't had the time to think about blogging. I arrived back home yesterday, manned down with the end of flu and also a tummy bug! Please forgive me if I don't participate. xx

    1. Hi Di... You don't need to apologize if you don't participate. Don't worry... :o)