Tuesday, October 30, 2012


that is Patrik's (who is pre-verbal) mantra for the last month or so. He is repeating this two words - not in correct written language - several times per day. 
Oh, yes, I forgot. Sorry. I should translate his words... :o)

So, "N'Č BAT!" it means basically "NO FEAR!" 

I remember we (J. and I) almost died out laughing when we heard him spoke those words for the first time. We already put both to sleep - well, better, to their rooms, when - not unexpectedly - Loris came back down the stairs. We knew it was her as... well, we just knew. 

After she was told to return to her bed, she started to do hers amost every night "I'm scared" talk... Before any of us could respond to the words we knew by heart, we heard Patrik out of his room:

"N'č bat!" in translation as above. All three of us just looked at each other and started to laugh. It was perfect timing from him to even think about something like that.

We never thought that this two words will stay with him, but they did. He is repeating them daily. 

It was almost a week ago, when we were surprised again. It was time to start the procedure for going to bed, so I went with Loris to the bathroom to help her. She was almost done, when I opened the door and called for Patrik. He was still in the living room with J. and I heard him comming. 

It was not all that I heard. He spoke again. This time alone - in responce only on the situation and a place. He said:

"N'č bat! Ni teme. Luč!" 

In translation: "No fear. No darkness. Light!" 

He was headed to the toilet as always and J. followed him. 'Light' was said in the moment when he turned on the light. We were stunned.

After joining us in the bathroom, I tried to get him repeat at least something of that explanation before. I managed to get 'no darkness' from him, after I said: 'no fear." and when I said 'light!' he looked at the light above us. His face was nothing but smile - even his eyes.

So, later last week, I started to think. This is not such a bad 'mantra'. 

No fear!

If he is not afraid, why are we?

No fear. No fear. No fear. NO. FEAR! - I started to repeat that myself in many situations I find myself in. 

Does it work? Well, sometimes. When not, I know I have to be more convincing saying them... :o)


  1. Wow, how was that for a surprise! Patrik knows exactly what he was saying and in perfect response to the situation. LOVE it! :)
    Good luck with your mantra.... mine is "don't worry, be happy" OR "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!!"

    1. Thanks Di. We hear him speak every day. Every day hope grows a little...