Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little steps for big goal *** Mali koraki za velik cilj

It's been a while I wrote my last blog post. I will not bother you with the reasons...

I am - well, I can say - happy today. Not just today, the last few days. And this feeling doesn't include only Patrik's progress, but something that is happening in our country. I am proud to tell you that people opened their ears and minds for Autism Avareness. 

One of our media companies "ProPlus" and Society for Autism DAN came together in a campain "Little steps for a big goal". It started some two weeks ago and final action started yesterday. 

A TV show "SVET na kanalu A" (World on Channel A) is one of the shows with news from all over the world. One of their TV reporters Jan Golja decided to do their annual running through Slovenia in benefit to the Society for Autism DAN.

Lots of people, not only from Media Company ProPlus, joined the run. 

Yesterday they started to run from two towns headed to the capitol. Today they continued from four different cities and reached the capitol, where they had also a VIP run. 

I know that as a mother of a boy with Autism, I should join them. But - with my work and working hours (not to mention my physical condition) unfortunately - mission impossible... :o(

This campain will last till this Friday - October 19th - and it will finish on the coast of Slovenia. They will run tommorow from the capitol to Nanos and on Friday from there to Piran.

During this days people can donate in different ways; by text message, by donation on special account and by buying special T-Shirt, which also all the joggers wear...
All raised money will go to the Society for Autism DAN, and this is a big, kind and generous gesture. 

I salute and congratulate to all!!!