Saturday, September 01, 2012

Words & Meaning

Yesterday I came home again after 10 hours of work. Well, I was not in my office at 5 a.m. as before our holidays, but I was in till 4 p.m. (yes, I started at 6 a.m.). 

Luckly J. prepared late lunch - as usuall and he went to the store too. But later - when we finished with the meal, we figured out that we run out of bread for today's breakfast.

Although I said I will go to the store, I was just too tired to do that. So J. complained that we will be without bread in the morning. Well, unfortunately in our neighbourhood there is no store, no backery, no... well, lets face it - nothing. If we want to get anything, we have to go to the city - 4 miles away. 

As we were talking, Patrik was with us, when I said to J. that we will both wake up next morning (today) early and that I will go to the backery while he will be home with children. 

Well, I woke up with Patrik at 5:45 and I let J. sleep and Loris too. Coming down the stairs he did his morning ritual and I did mine. One of the thing is, turning on the computer. Yes, that's me. :o)

When Patrik joined me in the kitchen, I heard him say: "Kuh. Kuh." 

- to help with the language barier - "Kuh" is actually the right word in our language "kruh" - so translated - "BREAD"
This was not the first time he asked for it.

Because we were not totally out of the bread and the bread is Patrik's only thing he eats for his breakfast, I gave him a piece. Afterwards I turn on the coffie mashine and checked my e-mails.

Not much later Loris woke up and she joined us. Of course, the first thing for her in the Saturday morning is - to turn on TV and find the channel with cartoons.

When she did that, Patrik left the family room and suddenly I heard him walking around in his snickers. I looked for him and found him infront of the main door, with his snickers on. I asked him, where he wants to go and his answer - watch out

"Kuh. KUH!" 

I almost froze. Is this true? Does he want to tell me to go to the backery as I said the day before? I tried to convince to put his snickers down and come back to the family room, but no. He was firm with his standing.

I went to change my clothes and asked Loris to be good and silent as J. was still sleeping. She promised that she will be.

When Patrik saw me comming back with my handbag in my hands and put my snickers on, he started to unlock the main door. So, we went. 

In the car I asked him again, to see if he understood where we are going and his answer was again: "Kuh."

J. woke up half hour later after our return. He was a little surprised to see fresh bread on the counter and I told him the story, what happened.

Now - if we were not before - we are now - convinced how much Patrik understands. If anyone tells us different...   

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