Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 2

To continue the story... :o) I'm sorry it took me so long...

I was slowly packing my things and I was preparing myself for departure, when I overheard a conversation.

In a few days the largest children's festival in the country will start in a town near by. Festival's name: Pippi Longstocking's Festival. As I learned later it was already 23rd in a roll. More - sorry it's not in English too: 

When children went to bed I silently watched Petra. At first she was too busy to notice me. Afterwards I think, she wanted to ignore me a little bit. I was not mad as I knew she wanted some peacefull time for herself and if any left - also for her husband. But I decided not to be ignored.

Finally she looked at me and we stared at one another. Suddenly to break the silence I said:
"I will never blink!" 
Petra started to laugh so much I was afraid she will wake the children up. 
"You wnat to go with us?"

Three days later on a Sunday we left home and drove Loris on a festival. Patrik stayed with his Granny.

 When Loris decided to go horse back ridding - hehehe - that was the closest I wanted to be near the horse.
 I love Loris's coloring.
Well, I was so important, that the Mastadont's sculpture behind, just couldn't stand in the picture. I was told, that the sceleton of the Mastadont was found in that town a long time ago.
We spent lovely time there. Weather was sunny and we had busy afternoon. How many children on one place. Girls dressed as Pippi Longstocking, boys - well, a lot of them, dressed as pirates.

Petra didn't manage to take as much photos as she wanted. She was chasing Loris from the workshop to workshop - and of course, she was "CHASING DUCKS". 

Now I'm ready to take off...
Author's notes:
To all of you, who just find my blog - I'm not insane and I don't hear voices (much). :o)

I decided to write thise two blog posts of Kate in 'first person type' as I thought it would be more fun.

The part "I will never blink!" acctually happened - just it was not said by Kate (obviously) but J. said it, when he saw me staring at Kate - my mind was wandering. 

I hope I convinced you that having Kate on a visit is fun and it doesn't mean you're on the edge of you sanity.

She is ready to leave. Would you like to offer her a stay? To show her (and us) around? Just let me know. You can leave message here, you can tweet me on @PRovere, you can e-mail me (click on my name) or you can send me a message on Facebook.
I think I gave you no chance to excuse yourself - "I would, but I didn't know how to conntact you."

We are waiting... :o)   

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  1. Love the idea of a Pippi/pirate festival and it looks like Kate had a great time :)