Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 1

I read about  Kate one Saturday morning and said to myself... why not.

I read about Kate in a lovely and funny blog post from one of my blog-, facebook-, twitter-friend (some days I think I know her much better than my own 'face-to-face' friends) Candy. You can read about Kate's adventure in Dublin here: the wandering duck: kate's adventures

But that was not her first 'pit stop'. She came - as far as I know (Kate's not much talkative about herself) originally from: mari's world and she took off in the world from the site: chasing ducks blog.com

As I said my experiences with Kate made me decided that I will let her told her story of her visit with me. So here it is, with Kate's own words :o) :

"So, as Petra told you already, you know where to find me and from where I came. 

I was sent to Petra from lovely Dublin, where I stayed with Candy and her family. It was fun. I was wondering how it will be in a strange land quite far away from Ireland. Untill now all people around me spoke in English. My gratest concern was - Will I understand them?

Well, I had no problems. I was greeted very nicely, but the next morning? Oh my God. Petra woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and took me to her work. I was wondering what I did wrong? But anyway - it was fun - for me, not for her. I was left to sleep for some more hours with a lovely memory on a green island I left behind.

I was waken up when it was time for - yes, you can see it on the photo. My God... that woman drinks coffee as a water.One cup is not enough and if you think that this is a regular cup - no! - it a BIIIIG cup and as I said not only one during her time in her office.

...well, to confess - I was not bored and soon it was time to go back home. As in the morning it was dark when we left home and came to the office, I had an opportunity to see the surroundings of the country that went by.

...Few days later, school holidays were at their end and we went to the store to buy the school supplies for Loris. Wow, that was a bunch of stuff she needs every day. I was allowed to participate the hunt for the supplies. Acctually, Loris insisted.

...You all probably know that Loris plays piano - well, I wanted to hear her, but she made a lot of fuss. She said that she fells shamed as she doesn't play O.K. But, I can tell you --- when she wants, she plays very nicely for someone who learned piano for one year.

... Then I asked for some days of hollidays. I need it. They live such a quick life I cannot even explain that to you. You have to see it and also try the speed of their life. It's not easy.

Although this is not the end of the story about my visit with Petra and her family - I can tell you that I'm prepared to spread my wings and start a new adventure... Just let Petra know..."

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  1. It looks as Kate has made a new friend in Loris! Thanks for the mention and I look forward to the next chapter in the story of her visit to your family :)