Saturday, September 08, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 1

This is the story about our tryings to get for Patrik the best educational programme. The story started more than a year ago.  It lasted 15 months...

Everything began on May 9th 2011 when I sent the application to our Department of Education. Patrik needed to be evaluated how he will be schooled. We knew that we started with the procedure real soon, as we decided to let Patrik stay in kindergarten for one more year. But decision was made anyway and so we sent the application because we knew this procedures takes time. We wanted for the experts to have enough time to do it. We wanted them to do it proper way - to take as much time as neccesary. 

Boy, we were mistaken.

As nothing happened for almost whole month, I decided to call them. The lady I was talking to was very nice and she told me that she put the application on hold, as it was way to soon (????) to start with the procedure to do new evaluation.

At one point I agreed with her, but then I explained why we decided to begin more than half year - according to their way - sooner. 
I explaned the lady on the other side that the application was sent so early as we don't want to be too late - usually this evaluations take more than 6 months. For the fist one we waited almost a year. We didn't want this to happen.

She listened and I think she understood me and we agreed that she will send all the necessary papers to the preschool and I will try to get all the opinions from the other specialists which worked and work with him.

Till that everything went according to plan. 


yes there is always a BUT...

summer holidays started and everything was put on hold... again...

(to be continued) 

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  1. There are always BUTs in special needs unfortunately...looking forward to the next post, and hoping this 'BUT' isn't a big problem x