Monday, September 03, 2012

1st day in school

It's 3rd September and in our country the school started again. For Loris this was her 3rd year. She hardly waited for the day to come and for the last week, she was our pain in the 'a...'. 

So, if you check look on J. face, you can guess his feelings... I just couldn't get him to smile. She is his girl and she is growing up too fast...

J. escorted her to school earlier. Not that her school started earlier, but we just couldn't be on both schools at once and as she tells us every day that she is a BIG girl now, we let her go to the school escorted by J's mom.

When he came back, Patrik and I were already ready. We just took few photos, 

put on his school bag and off we went. (Yeah, J's face is no better than it was half an hour before...)

We were greeted very nicely in the school. He will be in class with 4 other kids and I just hope they will get along just fine together.

According to the first day, when we came to pick him up, we were already told, how good boy he is. How he tidy up when asked and... 

Wll, but we already knew that. Didn't we?


  1. Unfortunately children grow up so fast. A lovely post of the children's first day at school. So pleased Patrik had a good day, hope it gives you peace of mind now

  2. Hey Petra, loved the photos. Five kids in the class sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more. x

  3. That sounds like a good start - delighted for you all xx

  4. Thank you Ladies. We got through the first week - mostly unharmed, but that's the story for this week-end's theme... :o)