Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 2

How it began - you can read here: Is speech really everything? part 1

Approximately the same time, I tried to get new appointment - after two years - for Patrik with the one and only (sad isn't it?) specialist for Autism in the country.

The last time we were there, was two years before, and honestly, never ended right. Even the first time, when we had been there, seeking for the confirmation of our suspicions. But that is completely different story.

So I took out of Patrik's medical map the last report we got from her (I have copies of all his medical report at home) and read it again. My smile was bitter as I remembered what we were promised two years earlier and although many calls, never got.

Patrik was promised to be accepted into her team in Autum. Immediately when she would had begun with, and in the report, I held in my hands, that was written. We were supposed to get a call in September/October 2009. 

Never happened. I called them several times, almost every month; from November 2009 to April 2010, but I just didn't get an appointment. Every call I made, there was new excuse. The team was not established yet. They didn't managed to complete the team. The psyhologist left and they are looking for new one. That excuse was the best. And sadly it really happened. Approximately three months after the team was finally established, psyhologist left. 

We stopped trying to get into the team as at that time we heard about RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) programme and Son-Rise. After reading The Miracle Continues - from Son-Rise and starting to learn more about RDI and read the Forgings New Pathways from RDI, we decided to try it. The RDI programme. We were told about very lovely and helpfull consultant Elisa and contacted her. 

We realised and it was obviously that medical system in our counrty had almost nothing to give Patrik. I write "almost" nothing, because in our town's medical centre Patrik had OT and ST. And that was it.

So, I took a copy of medical report, underlined  all the important information, written down all my possible contact information (mobile, fax, e-mail address) and asked one simple question: Will Patrik ever have another appointment at the specialist? I faxed it.

Altough "only" six hours passed and I received no reply - I thought that two years of waiting was more than enough - I called them.

At first I got a machine. I was informed they moved on another location, with new telephone number. Great! I started to be more undestandable why I was not called.

I called the number I got from the machine and finally got a nurse on the other side. I told her who I am and why I was calling. You should see my face, when I was told, that they didn't move, just changed the PHONE number. Everything else stayed the same, including the fax number.

When I explained her that I was waiting for the appointment date and that I sent her the last medical report, she started to excuse herself that they just got it that day. She was trying to persuade me that the report was circling around the hospital for several days. I hardly convinced her I sent it thatsame day.

I was very dangerously close to an eruption, but managed to hold myself back and stayed as calm as possible. ( I may sounded calm, but in my mind I...)

I wanted the appointment date. She told me, no sooner than October. I was left speachless. I asked if there is any possibility for earlier date. She was - I suppose - looking through the book and then I heard her:

"Well, I have one date, but I doubt you will manage to come."

"Can you give me the date?" I was still trying to stay calm.

"I'm positive you  will be on your holidays then," I heard her.

"Would you be so KIND to tell me the date?" my voice was starting to became higher and stronger.

"I told..." I just couldn't helped myself any more. My patience were on its edge.

"How can you know when we are on our holidays when even I don't know when we will go?!

That made her give me the date. July 21st, 2011, at... near noon. In only about two months.

That one was tough. I managed to get an appointment for Patrik in two long years.

If I knew what was waiting for us, I would never persisted to have this appointment...


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 2

To continue the story... :o) I'm sorry it took me so long...

I was slowly packing my things and I was preparing myself for departure, when I overheard a conversation.

In a few days the largest children's festival in the country will start in a town near by. Festival's name: Pippi Longstocking's Festival. As I learned later it was already 23rd in a roll. More - sorry it's not in English too: 

When children went to bed I silently watched Petra. At first she was too busy to notice me. Afterwards I think, she wanted to ignore me a little bit. I was not mad as I knew she wanted some peacefull time for herself and if any left - also for her husband. But I decided not to be ignored.

Finally she looked at me and we stared at one another. Suddenly to break the silence I said:
"I will never blink!" 
Petra started to laugh so much I was afraid she will wake the children up. 
"You wnat to go with us?"

Three days later on a Sunday we left home and drove Loris on a festival. Patrik stayed with his Granny.

 When Loris decided to go horse back ridding - hehehe - that was the closest I wanted to be near the horse.
 I love Loris's coloring.
Well, I was so important, that the Mastadont's sculpture behind, just couldn't stand in the picture. I was told, that the sceleton of the Mastadont was found in that town a long time ago.
We spent lovely time there. Weather was sunny and we had busy afternoon. How many children on one place. Girls dressed as Pippi Longstocking, boys - well, a lot of them, dressed as pirates.

Petra didn't manage to take as much photos as she wanted. She was chasing Loris from the workshop to workshop - and of course, she was "CHASING DUCKS". 

Now I'm ready to take off...
Author's notes:
To all of you, who just find my blog - I'm not insane and I don't hear voices (much). :o)

I decided to write thise two blog posts of Kate in 'first person type' as I thought it would be more fun.

The part "I will never blink!" acctually happened - just it was not said by Kate (obviously) but J. said it, when he saw me staring at Kate - my mind was wandering. 

I hope I convinced you that having Kate on a visit is fun and it doesn't mean you're on the edge of you sanity.

She is ready to leave. Would you like to offer her a stay? To show her (and us) around? Just let me know. You can leave message here, you can tweet me on @PRovere, you can e-mail me (click on my name) or you can send me a message on Facebook.
I think I gave you no chance to excuse yourself - "I would, but I didn't know how to conntact you."

We are waiting... :o)   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate *** chasing ducks part 1

I read about  Kate one Saturday morning and said to myself... why not.

I read about Kate in a lovely and funny blog post from one of my blog-, facebook-, twitter-friend (some days I think I know her much better than my own 'face-to-face' friends) Candy. You can read about Kate's adventure in Dublin here: the wandering duck: kate's adventures

But that was not her first 'pit stop'. She came - as far as I know (Kate's not much talkative about herself) originally from: mari's world and she took off in the world from the site: chasing ducks

As I said my experiences with Kate made me decided that I will let her told her story of her visit with me. So here it is, with Kate's own words :o) :

"So, as Petra told you already, you know where to find me and from where I came. 

I was sent to Petra from lovely Dublin, where I stayed with Candy and her family. It was fun. I was wondering how it will be in a strange land quite far away from Ireland. Untill now all people around me spoke in English. My gratest concern was - Will I understand them?

Well, I had no problems. I was greeted very nicely, but the next morning? Oh my God. Petra woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and took me to her work. I was wondering what I did wrong? But anyway - it was fun - for me, not for her. I was left to sleep for some more hours with a lovely memory on a green island I left behind.

I was waken up when it was time for - yes, you can see it on the photo. My God... that woman drinks coffee as a water.One cup is not enough and if you think that this is a regular cup - no! - it a BIIIIG cup and as I said not only one during her time in her office.

...well, to confess - I was not bored and soon it was time to go back home. As in the morning it was dark when we left home and came to the office, I had an opportunity to see the surroundings of the country that went by.

...Few days later, school holidays were at their end and we went to the store to buy the school supplies for Loris. Wow, that was a bunch of stuff she needs every day. I was allowed to participate the hunt for the supplies. Acctually, Loris insisted.

...You all probably know that Loris plays piano - well, I wanted to hear her, but she made a lot of fuss. She said that she fells shamed as she doesn't play O.K. But, I can tell you --- when she wants, she plays very nicely for someone who learned piano for one year.

... Then I asked for some days of hollidays. I need it. They live such a quick life I cannot even explain that to you. You have to see it and also try the speed of their life. It's not easy.

Although this is not the end of the story about my visit with Petra and her family - I can tell you that I'm prepared to spread my wings and start a new adventure... Just let Petra know..."

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Is speech really everything? - Part 1

This is the story about our tryings to get for Patrik the best educational programme. The story started more than a year ago.  It lasted 15 months...

Everything began on May 9th 2011 when I sent the application to our Department of Education. Patrik needed to be evaluated how he will be schooled. We knew that we started with the procedure real soon, as we decided to let Patrik stay in kindergarten for one more year. But decision was made anyway and so we sent the application because we knew this procedures takes time. We wanted for the experts to have enough time to do it. We wanted them to do it proper way - to take as much time as neccesary. 

Boy, we were mistaken.

As nothing happened for almost whole month, I decided to call them. The lady I was talking to was very nice and she told me that she put the application on hold, as it was way to soon (????) to start with the procedure to do new evaluation.

At one point I agreed with her, but then I explained why we decided to begin more than half year - according to their way - sooner. 
I explaned the lady on the other side that the application was sent so early as we don't want to be too late - usually this evaluations take more than 6 months. For the fist one we waited almost a year. We didn't want this to happen.

She listened and I think she understood me and we agreed that she will send all the necessary papers to the preschool and I will try to get all the opinions from the other specialists which worked and work with him.

Till that everything went according to plan. 


yes there is always a BUT...

summer holidays started and everything was put on hold... again...

(to be continued) 

Monday, September 03, 2012

1st day in school

It's 3rd September and in our country the school started again. For Loris this was her 3rd year. She hardly waited for the day to come and for the last week, she was our pain in the 'a...'. 

So, if you check look on J. face, you can guess his feelings... I just couldn't get him to smile. She is his girl and she is growing up too fast...

J. escorted her to school earlier. Not that her school started earlier, but we just couldn't be on both schools at once and as she tells us every day that she is a BIG girl now, we let her go to the school escorted by J's mom.

When he came back, Patrik and I were already ready. We just took few photos, 

put on his school bag and off we went. (Yeah, J's face is no better than it was half an hour before...)

We were greeted very nicely in the school. He will be in class with 4 other kids and I just hope they will get along just fine together.

According to the first day, when we came to pick him up, we were already told, how good boy he is. How he tidy up when asked and... 

Wll, but we already knew that. Didn't we?

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Words & Meaning

Yesterday I came home again after 10 hours of work. Well, I was not in my office at 5 a.m. as before our holidays, but I was in till 4 p.m. (yes, I started at 6 a.m.). 

Luckly J. prepared late lunch - as usuall and he went to the store too. But later - when we finished with the meal, we figured out that we run out of bread for today's breakfast.

Although I said I will go to the store, I was just too tired to do that. So J. complained that we will be without bread in the morning. Well, unfortunately in our neighbourhood there is no store, no backery, no... well, lets face it - nothing. If we want to get anything, we have to go to the city - 4 miles away. 

As we were talking, Patrik was with us, when I said to J. that we will both wake up next morning (today) early and that I will go to the backery while he will be home with children. 

Well, I woke up with Patrik at 5:45 and I let J. sleep and Loris too. Coming down the stairs he did his morning ritual and I did mine. One of the thing is, turning on the computer. Yes, that's me. :o)

When Patrik joined me in the kitchen, I heard him say: "Kuh. Kuh." 

- to help with the language barier - "Kuh" is actually the right word in our language "kruh" - so translated - "BREAD"
This was not the first time he asked for it.

Because we were not totally out of the bread and the bread is Patrik's only thing he eats for his breakfast, I gave him a piece. Afterwards I turn on the coffie mashine and checked my e-mails.

Not much later Loris woke up and she joined us. Of course, the first thing for her in the Saturday morning is - to turn on TV and find the channel with cartoons.

When she did that, Patrik left the family room and suddenly I heard him walking around in his snickers. I looked for him and found him infront of the main door, with his snickers on. I asked him, where he wants to go and his answer - watch out

"Kuh. KUH!" 

I almost froze. Is this true? Does he want to tell me to go to the backery as I said the day before? I tried to convince to put his snickers down and come back to the family room, but no. He was firm with his standing.

I went to change my clothes and asked Loris to be good and silent as J. was still sleeping. She promised that she will be.

When Patrik saw me comming back with my handbag in my hands and put my snickers on, he started to unlock the main door. So, we went. 

In the car I asked him again, to see if he understood where we are going and his answer was again: "Kuh."

J. woke up half hour later after our return. He was a little surprised to see fresh bread on the counter and I told him the story, what happened.

Now - if we were not before - we are now - convinced how much Patrik understands. If anyone tells us different...