Sunday, August 19, 2012


I was never good in housekeeping. Don't misunderstand me. My mother and my three elder sisters taught me everything. I even had Saturaday mornings when I always have been doing general house cleaning. From top to bottom. I 'threw out' of the house my entire family and had some four to five hours time to do it. And I did it, with a lot of loud music, singing and dancing while doing it.

But never liked it. This chores were for me like Sisyphean tasks. Once my family members came home in an hour or two all the house looked like... well like before.

Now we live in our own house and I still don't like to do housekeeping. I do it, but with no great passion to do it. 
So big part of that is done by J. Again, you have to understand; my husband didn't get the 'cat in the sack'. He married me knowing this was/is my weak spot.

The strangest thing is, we were told that autistic children or children with Autism (I don't know anymore how should I be writing this down) make houses messy. Well, this is not the case in our house. While Patrik keeps it clean and tidy - everything must be on its place - Loris is totaly oposite. She has tons of toys lying around the house - don't want to mention her room. We can threat her to throw away them all - it looks like she just doesn't care. Well, she does. That moment precisely. But 5 minutes later is all the same. So you have an idea how our house looks.

And the chores I hate most? Let me list them for you:

- Ironing; completely useless; luckily having the tumbe dryer - almost don't need to do it. Just have to be quick enought to take the clothes out of it when they are dry, but still hot... ;o)

- Vacuuming; who the hell thought to make vacuume cleaners so heavy and clumsy? It seems that when I do it, it has (even all of them in the past) its own mind. It always finds the way to crash into the furniture and doesn't want forward. I know now that there is a robotic vaccume cleaner 'Romba' or something like it, but as far as I looked at it, it's still not made for our house. Too much of floor hampers... ;o)

- Dusting; no matter how often I do it (we do it), there is always dust everywhere. Having big windows, unfortunately always seen on the ray of sunshine... Again, useless;

- Dishwashing; solved that one with the dishwasher... ;o)

- Cooking; although I loved this one 'once upon a time' - I started to hate it when I was unable to use all the ingredients because of Patrik's allergy. And just because they said that the allergy is gone, my feelings toward coocking didn't wanished. Basically, no matter how much time I need to cook a meal, we are finish eating it in 15 minutes. Finished and "gone with the wind" away from the table.

Well, here are some of the chores I hate, as for others... If I didn't listed them, I probably haven't done them for a very long time... or just perhaps, I don't hate them so much... :o)

I think I need them all... :o)

My poor, poor husband... ;o)      


  1. I know how you feel, although you will be jealous of me when you hear that I don't do much housework!! Hmmm, 'cat in a sack', that is a new expression for me. What does it mean? :)

    1. To buy a "Cat in the sack" we use when someone 'sell' something to someone that is not what it was said that it is...
      This expression came from the Middle ages, when meat was scarce, but cats and dogs (puppies) were not... I presume you know the expression "pig in a poke" better, or 'let the cat out of the sack' more...

  2. I hate housework too so it is lucky perhaps that I no longer have a husband. My son with aspergers is pretty tidy - it's his NT sister that makes most of the mess! But I cope by having as little 'stuff' as possible, I'm not that keen on possessions anyway, and by using a tumble drier and a dishwasher :)

    1. Phew... I thought that I'm the only one... :o) No one wanted to comment this... :o) Well, I'm glad I'm not that 'strange'... :o)