Sunday, August 26, 2012

"When God closes the door...

...somewhere He opens the the window."

This is a quote from movie ˝The Sound of Music˝. One of my All Time Favourites.

I wish to believe in this. I once upon a time did. But last few years I think its quite opposite.

"When the door closes, the window is long time bricked down."

It's just my feeling and I cannot lose it.

The last thing that happened is just the last straw...

And again, we are alon to sort the thing out. To mend it. To figure it out how to do it and do that magic we do with our finances.

Will it ever stop?  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

... what am I thankful today? That after what sky brought us this morning...

we didn't have hail storm... just regular storm...


This is my first post for Thankful Thursday
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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I was never good in housekeeping. Don't misunderstand me. My mother and my three elder sisters taught me everything. I even had Saturaday mornings when I always have been doing general house cleaning. From top to bottom. I 'threw out' of the house my entire family and had some four to five hours time to do it. And I did it, with a lot of loud music, singing and dancing while doing it.

But never liked it. This chores were for me like Sisyphean tasks. Once my family members came home in an hour or two all the house looked like... well like before.

Now we live in our own house and I still don't like to do housekeeping. I do it, but with no great passion to do it. 
So big part of that is done by J. Again, you have to understand; my husband didn't get the 'cat in the sack'. He married me knowing this was/is my weak spot.

The strangest thing is, we were told that autistic children or children with Autism (I don't know anymore how should I be writing this down) make houses messy. Well, this is not the case in our house. While Patrik keeps it clean and tidy - everything must be on its place - Loris is totaly oposite. She has tons of toys lying around the house - don't want to mention her room. We can threat her to throw away them all - it looks like she just doesn't care. Well, she does. That moment precisely. But 5 minutes later is all the same. So you have an idea how our house looks.

And the chores I hate most? Let me list them for you:

- Ironing; completely useless; luckily having the tumbe dryer - almost don't need to do it. Just have to be quick enought to take the clothes out of it when they are dry, but still hot... ;o)

- Vacuuming; who the hell thought to make vacuume cleaners so heavy and clumsy? It seems that when I do it, it has (even all of them in the past) its own mind. It always finds the way to crash into the furniture and doesn't want forward. I know now that there is a robotic vaccume cleaner 'Romba' or something like it, but as far as I looked at it, it's still not made for our house. Too much of floor hampers... ;o)

- Dusting; no matter how often I do it (we do it), there is always dust everywhere. Having big windows, unfortunately always seen on the ray of sunshine... Again, useless;

- Dishwashing; solved that one with the dishwasher... ;o)

- Cooking; although I loved this one 'once upon a time' - I started to hate it when I was unable to use all the ingredients because of Patrik's allergy. And just because they said that the allergy is gone, my feelings toward coocking didn't wanished. Basically, no matter how much time I need to cook a meal, we are finish eating it in 15 minutes. Finished and "gone with the wind" away from the table.

Well, here are some of the chores I hate, as for others... If I didn't listed them, I probably haven't done them for a very long time... or just perhaps, I don't hate them so much... :o)

I think I need them all... :o)

My poor, poor husband... ;o)      

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everthing is good for something...

... even the things that look bad or wrong at the time that happen.

We should have been in England this week. We should had to be on our way on Monday afternoon, but we stayed home. Everthing was planned organized and arranged. Ferry ticket from Calais to Dover have been bought (no refund in case of canceling or no show up), hotels booked (luckly cancelation on time with no fee to be paid), therapy evaluation for Patrik arranged. Everthing. 

But then... we faced the truth. We hit the brick wall. The cards were laid on the table.

Enough of metaphors? Simple. We run out of money.

We realised that just in time. The hit was not so hard. It could have been even harder.

So we stayed home. This morning, well for me it was in the middle of the night - Patrik woke up at 3 a.m. It was impossible to get him back to sleep. I went to his room and somehow managed to calm him down, so J. and Loris could have some sleep.

At 6:30 J. took Patrik to OT and I got some sleep. One whole hour, then Loris woke me up. As we spoke yesterday that we will go to the Coast today, I got up and phoned to... well, completely another story.

Not much later J. and Patrik came back home and J. went strait to the terrace to clean the leaves and open the pool. His mobile rung.

It was my mother in law. Her voice at the beginning was OK, but as soon as I answered to her question, she broke down. The worst had happened. What we fearded the most. Her Mom, J's Grandma and Loris and Patrik's Great Grandma passed away durring the night. 

Although it was something we expect to happen, as she was in and out of the hospital for the last few weeks a lot, it's still very sad. J. is handeling rather well. It looks like. Loris cried when I told her. She and my mother in law visited her the most. Patrik? Well, thinking back to this whole day...

Patrik is a good sleeper. He doesn't wake up much during the night. But he is very sensible. When J. spoke to his mother again, she told him that Omica (as we all called her) passed away at 3:30 a.m. That made me thinking. Did he knew? Did Patrik felt it? 
About two hours ago Patrik went to his room. As Loris had a visit, I heard Patrik crying . I wasn't wrong. When I went to his room to check on him, he was crying  all by himself. I checked if he hurt himself somehow but he didn't. The only explanation... he knows his Great Grandma passed away. We haven't told him directly and maybe that was a mistake...

For the first time we felt right that we didn't go to England...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Patrik said: "No!"

I didn't write much for the last few weeks. Not that nothing happened. I was just too tired to write. Yes, something like this happen to me too.

On Friday was my last working day. Now I have one week 'free of office'. I and J. will be able to spend some time (whole week) with our children. No work. We hope...

But I will get back to this in some other blog post. I came from work very late on Friday. I started at 5 a.m. and came home at 7 p.m. Who would thought about lunch. It was already time for supper. J. made pancakes (european style) and set down the table.

As Loris ate all the Nutella and not told us that - she just left the empty jar in the cabinet, we were left with nothing but home made figs marmelade (njami) and sour cream (J. fillings for the pancakes). 

We read all those past months that Patrik ate pancakes with different fillings of marmelade at kindergarten. At home he always ate pancakes with nothing. So, on Friday I offered him a spoon of figs marmelade. He looked at me and said:


You can imagine my surprise. Without thinking I simply asked - as I would ask Loris: 

"No," he repeated. 

J. came to the table with his sour cream in his hands adn we looked at each other. Just as J sat on the chair, he asked Patrik the same question. 

Patrik looked at him and then his plate with pancake and firmly said:
"NO!" and started to eat.

Well, for one thing; Patrik until Friday, when he didn't want something, always used his hands to push the undesired item away. 

On Friday he spoke and told exactly ONE word. One, but so meaningful word.