Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Time For Friends

I have three very good friends: Janja, Damjana & Natascha. All of them I know for a very loooong time. Some longer than the other. Although we don't see, hear or even text to each other every day, I'm stil in touch with them every now and then. 

As we don't live in the same town or even in the same part of the country, this is no wonder.

We all work full time. We all have families of our own and troubles of our own.

No time for friends? It has been enought of that.

So last week's Friday - not the one two days ago - I realised that I haven't seen Natascha for just too long, I decided to take a day off from my work (jeah right, like I don't have a mobile), just to make time to visit her.

We spent quite some hours together at her place. She runs a family hotel, she has hard time to leave it and this is probably another reason, why we have so much trouble to get together.

She gets off during the week, when I work and we get our weekends off when she is busy the most. 

I haven't seen Damjana for quite some time either. It was funny, but few weeks ago. before summer holidays started, she called me if I'm home in the afternoon. I was just on my way home from my work and I was TOTALY surprised.

Her/our problem, why we don't see each other more often is - she works the afternoons and I work in the mornings. Imagine how should we get togheter? Also we don't work in the same town - not much - just 120 km apart.

Janja lives and works almost 170 km away. We started as pen-friends (in those days when the letters were still 'in') when we were teenagers. I don't remember when it was last time I saw her.  

Sadly, but this is my reality now.


  1. I really hope you can get to spend sometime with your friends. Its lovely you have built a friendship from being penpals.

    1. I hope too Wendy. A chat here and there is very good for the soul...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Di. It's always nice to know that.

  3. It's hard, I'm rubbish on the phone and never seem to have the time, so the friends I am most in contact with are those inside my computer. Apart from that I sometimes have no meaningful contact with other adults for many days....