Monday, July 02, 2012

E Viva Espana

European, of course... 

Me and J are not extra fans of the game. We are more F1 fans - at least we used to be - even visited the race in Italy several years ago. But we never visited any of football game... Usuall we even switch the channel when the game is on. 

This last months I realised something... Very interesting... 

We don't watch (a lot) the games, but we know The game. 

Actually, we don't watch it, unless: 

* there is an European Championship on TV (like it was the last month - Euro 2012); 
* there is a World Cup on TV (like it was two years ago); 

* there is a European Champion League - which is every year - but then we are more picky: 
 -- we watch if Barça (FC Barcelona) is playing;
 -- we watch if FC Manchester United, FC Chelsea... (or any other team from UK) is playing;
-- we watch when FC Bayern is playing (O.K. - J is watching; I'm sleeping);
-- we watch games when Quarter Finals starts 

and we have one more example when we watch the game: 

* when El Clasico is on the TV - you don't need to ask me, who is my favourite... ;o) 

So, we don't watch the football... If you believe... 

Looking back on this list above... 

We have to confess - especially to ourselves 


Believe it or not - even Patrik watched the Final of Euro 2012. 


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