Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Imapct - Special Saturday theme

Although this is not Saturday, but this is nevertheless my contribution to this week theme - The Impact of Special Needs on the Parents.

I wrote that blog post at the begining of my blogging. How we learned about Autism and that our son has it... and how we started a new journey from that day forward.

I don't want to be 'too smart' as I'm not. I know how many other parents split - even when they don't have children with special needs... and that is a sad statistic.

We have peculiar sense of humor. Sometimes it looks like noone understand it except for us. We know that perhaps without it, we wouldn't last as long as we do.

I just hope that our laughter, our chatter, our constant need of our touch...etc, will never go away. 

This post is for Special Saturday, an online ‘global’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of children and adults living with special needs. Please join the cause by joining the facebook page - Follow on twitter - @Specialsat and retweeting hashtag - #specialsaturday Read and follow the Special Saturday Blog -

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