Monday, June 04, 2012

Did quite some miles today

First day of crazy week. I was at work already at 6 a.m. to do some neccessary things, that just had to be done. Left at 8:45 back home. Well, not exatcly home. J. and Patrik waited for me on a parking lot in our hometown, just to be picked up and went forward. 

Actually I left my car on the parking lot in front of the store, sat to passanger seat and went furthure East to Maribor. Well as I work near Ljubljana (capitol) which is in the West from our hometown, Celje is somewhat the 'centre' and Maribor is in the East... 

What were we doing in Maribor. Well, at first we had to find the UMC in the middle of the town. Luckly, they have two parking houses near so we were able to find the parking.

So we went to search for the right building. As I was told in the morning to look for the building no. 7, we did just that and surprisingly we found it immediately. We needed to find the Laboratory of Medical Genetics as Patrik was sent by his doctor to the Lab to take some blood for Gene tests.

Altough we were there before 11 a.m. we were taken right away. Of course we had an interview. If we were told before - that they will need some more medical informations from our families, I believe we would had been more prepared.

At the end I found out that I know more about my grandparents and why caused their death than I know about my sisters or my parents. But I was not alone. J felt the same. The medical history of our families is somewhat mistery for us.

In the meantime Patrik was fine. He was somewhat bored, but he listened to us and watched us doing the interview. He was not annoying or anything. We were able to take enough time to do it.

After that interview we were taken to another building - to the Pediatric clinic, where they waited for us. We had told Patrik what he must expect in clinic and that they will take his blood.

Everything went nice and smooth.... until we came into the lab. As soon as Patrik saw the room, he turned for 180° and wanted to run out. He realised we didn't joke in the car. I was fast enough to catch him and then we ask the laboratory assistnat for another assistant as only three of us would not be enough. Patrik is still strong as an ox.

No kidding...

So after a struggeling; I had him in my arms, J held his legs still, the assistant held his left hand and the fourth of the group, took his blood. Of course Patrik did scream. We had hard time to tie his hand down when they finished. Outside the lab, we struggled to held him close not to desturb the stitcs. Where I got the strenght to hold him in my arms and carry him down to the lobby of the clinic... I don't know. In the elevator we were not alone and we had been given some strange look from the man inside. But I couldn't care less.

In the lobby the 'meltdown' (we were prepared for it) continued... until J spotted the swing outside the doors in the clinic's garden. He told screaming Patrik that the swings are outside and we all run to them. 

After two or three swings, he was calmed down. He was smiling. He - at least looked like - forgot all about the things that had been done to him.

Well, after half an hour we went to the car and drove home. Finally. 

Now, we wait. For approximately half year. If they will find something that is unusual or pathologic in his genes, we will be called to give our blood too. If not - the genetic defect was not the preposition for his Autism.

Why we decided to go through this test? Yes, we don't care what caused Patrik's Autism. What we care about is how to help him to achieve his future. But if this test will help in the future some other children, then we did all we could to contribute. 

Does this make sense to you?           


  1. Yes, it makes sense to me! I understand why you did the test... although I do feel sad that it was traumatic for Patrik (and for you). I have been there and I know what it is like.... HORRIBLE! :(
    Thank goodness it is over!

    1. Yes it was... but taking his blood is always like that. We just cannot help it... Unfortunately...

  2. That did sound traumatic, I have had to do similar with my special girl - many times. But I understand why you did it. My daughter is now a medical case study and I hope it will help with the treatment of other children x