Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When S...T happen

I was (am) always proud of my natural night vision. I'm not kidding. I never had any problems moving around the house in the dark. Staircases, corners, furniture... no problem at all. 

I need very little light to see what is around me. Even solid dark never (in any house/appartment I lived) gave me any trouble. It look like I was perfectly built for a burglar, but never tried that profession. :o)

Patrik is like that too. He sees in the dark.

But it happened. To me too. I bounced and so hard... Well, let me tell you a little more details what happened.

Yesterday I took Patrik to Ljubljana to see his LT. When we drove back home, he fell asleep in the car. So he slept for about an hour until we came home. I knew that meant he will not go to sleep at his regular hour (at 8:30 p.m.) but I was hoping that he will fall asleep at least an hour later.

Yeah! Right! No way! I was not that lucky.

Loris was in her room at 8 p.m.. Janez was in our bed at 9 p.m.. Patrik showed his first wish to go to his room at 10 p.m., but... he was driving me crazy as he came out for about 5 or 6 times with big smile on his face. In the meantime I checked Loris and she was sound asleep and looked like she fell out of the plane. One arm on the floor, the other twisten in some strange way, her legs up on the wall... So, when I checked Loris, Patrik returned to the living room. I followed him. He was cuddling his teddy or 'reading' one of my books... I was reading another one.

At 11 p.m. we did the same... He went to his room just to play me a fool. Of course he returned to the family room, still full of energy. It seems like he had fast recharge in the afternoon.

So, about half past midnight he went to his room and stayed there. But... yes, again... He was still 'talking' for about half an hour, so I stayed in the family room reading a book, until he went silent.
That was about half one a.m. 
So I read the chapter till the end and decided to go to sleep. As I have to get up at 4:45 a.m. to get ready for work at 7 a.m. I knew I will not have much time to get my rest.

I got up, turned off the lights, turned off the TV, turned around and....  bounced so hard... I heard the bang loud and clear. I couldn't found out what went wrong. You can imagine that in that instant I saw complete universe from its begining with BIG BANG forward and its expansion to infinity. I touched my nose 'couse it hurt and after that my forehead and felt an edge on it. 

First thought I had was - what will my colleagues at work think in the morning. I will tell the truth but will anybody believe me? Well, I didn't turn the light on. I actually saw the room again without it. My 'night vision' was on again.  I went to the bathroom and checked in the mirror what I did to myself.

The nose was OK, but on my forehead there was about an inch cut seen. I looked at it incredulously. I just culdn't believe it. In that instant blood started to run down my eye. Great!!! 

I started to look for the patch in the cabinet and managed to find it. Even more unbeliveable, that I did. I patched myself and went to sleep. 

In the morning I changed the patch and saw that the blood stopped running but only untill I washed it. So, I put another patch on my forehead and went to work.

About an hour after my arrival my colleagues came to work. Of course I was given doubtfoull looks at first, but - hell - they know me. I wouldn't let anyone to mistreat me. 

The most common question I got was - if I went to see the ER and if I got stiches. Yes, hell I did. I haven't even awaken Janez to tell him, what I've done to myself. I wrote him that in the morning - by skype - when he came to his work...

So, I believe I will have my scar... Again. I got one 30 years or so ago in the middle of the day when I feel on the ground with at least 6 grownups around me.
Finally that one fadded away... But it seems I just can't go around without them. Well, even better if they are seen, than noone asks about the unvisible ones... 


  1. all I can say is 'ouch' you poor thing. It was probably not a lack of your night vision but pure tiredness. I hope it heals quickly and without a scar x

    1. I certainly hope that I haven't lost my night vision... I'm rather fond of it... :o)

  2. That must have hurt so bad! Another scar to add to your warrior mother persona! As for those invisible scars... they start fading over time (I hope!!!!) x