Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special Saturday - Food and it's difficulties

I used to love to cook. Although among four sisters I was never recognized as the one who can cook, I liked it. I liked to prepare huge Christmas parties. As we were/are a big family I had a lot of food to prepare and I loved to experiment in the kitchen.

But as all the things change, so did my love to cook. That happened shortly after we learned about Patrik's allergy on cows' milk and it died completely when we tried also GF diet with him a year and a half later.

That was the time when my husband stepped in or should I say, behind the stove. Luckily and successfully.

We all like to eat. Who doesn't? And again... here is another but...

When Loris started her last year in kindergarten she began to eat less and less things. Luckily she ate healthy food although we are no " healthy freaks". In the past she never wanted even try pizza or McD's or similar food. Never wanted to try the bubble drinks. Those she still doesn't want to drink, but let say - last year she accepted french fries and chicken nuggets - she still doesn't want to try burgers... any...

As for the Patrik - he eats. Quite a lot. For his rare choices of food I blame - mostly - myself. When he was diagnosed with cows' milk allergy, we got very strict diet: no fruits, no vegetables, no milk and any products which was made of milk or contained milk. So at the end he ate nothing else than rice and roasted chicken. 

I almost went crazy. That was also the time when I realized I just have to trust my common sense more. If he had cows' milk allergy, why the hell he cannot eat fruits and vegetables? So we started to introduce him those flavors, but it was too late.

We struggled for over two years to convince him to eat apple. We had hard time - still do - to get into him vegetables. The only way we we found was sauces.

But last year or two we learned one more valuable lesson. Patrik taught us and I think we won't forget it.
He eats on his terms not on ours.
If there is something new or different made on the table, he will not eat that when offered, but when he will choose to. Sometimes that means he goes to the kitchen and helps himself.

So at this point we don't care anymore if he doesn't eat when and what we do. He will not stay hungry. He knows better...

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