Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slowing down

I have a funny feeling I have already written about this... last year... but I'm just too lazy to check... So, if you already read about it... you can skip it. Really. I won't mind.

So, last week - again - me and J. got the RDI assignment to slow down the way we live our lives. Ha-ha-ha.

We also did some brain storming with our consultant to find the possibilities where could we 'get' some extra time.

First possibility - one of us should stay home - NO WAY!!! We will not survive - financially. But it would be nice... :o)

Second possibility - to get a hired help which would take care for our home and drive children around to their activities and appointments... - NO WAY!!! We won't survive that either. Again, finance. 

Third possibility - J (and I) should cook in advance, not every day fresh new... - possible.

Fourth possibility - we should learn to ask for help or at least accept help when offered... hmmm... hard to do as we were not raised that way... but... we will give it a try...

Fifth possibility... I think we run out of them. Hmmmm... not much possibility to slow down. Is there?

Well, let us see, what awaits us next week:

- Monday; June 4th: 
we will take Patrik to Maribor for a gene blood test at 11 a.m.

- Tuesday; June 5th
Patrik has his weekly appointment with his LS

- Wednesday; June 6th
1.) Patrik has his first appointment with new psyhologist in Ljubljana at 9 a.m.
2.) J. and I have the last meeting with the kindergarten staff to do the final evaluation of IP at 3 p.m.
3.) at 6 p.m. we have our skype consultation with our RDI consultant Elisa - to tell her how me managed to slow down... :o(

- Thursday; June 7th
1.) Patrik has his appointment with his working therapist at 7:15 a.m.
2.) not confirmed yet - a meeting with the chairman of the new commitee to talk about Patrik's future schooling...

- Friday; June 8th...

Well, this is next week in short... What I have to write here is also:

J. will be at home whole week - thank God - so mostly he will drive Patrik around the appointments, but I will still have to go to work. O.K. not on Monday - but will try to do something from our home as I can;
On Tuesday I will go earlier to do the job before and then went out for two hours and go back to finish it;
On Wednesday I will go earlier again and go out for two hours and then leave earlier to get on that meeting at 3 p.m. on time;
On Thursday - well, everything depends on the confirmation of that meeting with the committee chairman - if it will be confirmed I just don't see myself going to work as I will not have enough time to get to the meeting as it will be on completely different side of our 'small' country...
And there is Friday... full working day... 

Why I will work (and live) like this - it's the beginning of the months and some things just must be done at the beginning of the month.

Well, we are trying... but we are not quite successful. 

We will really have to slow down to 'slowing down' - one step at the time. It looks like we cannot cut ourself at once... Slowing down is a process which we will just have to learn and accept...

Does anyone has a recipe how to do it?

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