Saturday, May 26, 2012

The cleanest shower in the world...

It was three years ago, when we tried to toilet train Patrik for the first time. I took two weeks off from my work, kept him home and took off his diper. He was a little over than three years old. At that age Loris was out of the diper for quite some months. So we decided to give it a try. 

Well, I think I don't need to tell you that those two weeks our house was the cleanest house in the world. I'm not kidding. 

Patrik loved being without his diper, but he had no feeling about when he needed to go to the toilet. I took him there for several times per day. Yes, he sat on the toilet, but nothing came out. Three to five minutes after returning fully dressed (it was winter that time) from the toilet he peed or even pooed. wet pants didn't bother him, but pooed ones did and you can imagine just what he did with that 'stuff'... 

We gave up trying after two weeks. We realised he was just not ready yet. It happend several months later when we noticed that he started to pee in the shower every time we put him in in the evenings. At first we were a little bit annoyed, but then we realised that this could be an opportunity we were waiting for. As his getting to bed time was and is still at the same time, we started to watch for the signs.

So, we prepared potty and when he stepped into the shower, J. let the water run and I waited for him. It was just a seconds later. I grab potty and put it infront of him. And got it. He was surprised and he watched where the water went.

This type of doing we did for couple of weeks. After that we thought he was ready and we gave him potty to pee before going into the shower. First two to three attempts were not quite successful, but at the end, he realised what we wanted from him.

Not long after that, we started to noticed during the day the signs that told us, when he wanted to pee. So, runing after potty was something we did all the time. And he was soon free of night diper - we didn't put it on him after 14 days of getting dry diper in the morning. After that, there were perhaps 5 times that he wet himself during the nigh.

But it was completely different story with the poop. As he was severely constipated for over three years - God those were three long years - we didn't want to push him, 'couse as soon as we did, his constipation came back. No medicine, natural or chemical didn't help - untill we were told a year and a half back about Movicol - and that helped him.

Nevertheless, when we managed the pee, he started to poop in the shower. It looked like hot water helped him release the intestine. Sure at first we were angry - especially me - couse even if he was not totaly cleaned, we had to take him out of the shower, cleaned it and put him back in.

At that time potty didn't work. He was refusing it. Totally. We didn't know what to do. At the end we let him do it as his constipation was so hard, that we didn't care anymore where he poops as long as he poops. 

Yes for almost 4 moths our bathrom and shower looked like fresh out of the store. As I can't clean with the rubber gloves on my hands I did it without them... and my hands looked at that time like I was 90 years old. No cream helped them mend...

After almost giving up that he will ever started to use potty for the poop, we got a real surprise. Well, J. did. I was not home that day. I was just told about the break through.

When they came home after work and kindergarten, suddenly Patrik run to the toilet and started trying to undress himself. J. went after him and helped him. He thought that Patrik want to pee as that was the thing he did every time they got home.

But that day he didn't just pee, he pooped too. And all days after that. 

Now is two years he is toilet trained. Completelly. Now he even don't show us that he need us in toilet. OK... we go and check what he did and help him wipe him. But all the other things he does by himself. Undresses, dresses, lowers the water, washes his hands, turns the light, closes the door.

Actually with all those things he is more consistend than Loris is. She must be constantly reminded... :o)

So, that his/our story about toilet training. If anything we learned out of it, was we cannot rush things. Patrik did them when he is ready. We just must be ready to see the signs...

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  1. I love the way that there are so many different ways to toilet train a child with special needs, and hopefully parents who are currently daunted by the idea will take hope and inspiration from all the posts today x

    1. I was not sure to tell this story, but at the end the thought our story might help someone prevail...

  2. Petra, it was a good story and I am sure parents who have children who are not potty trained as yet, will find it helpful. :)