Friday, May 04, 2012

Angels among us

I thought a lot about this. About what to write today. Should I share another story - another incident, which happened to Patrik, to us. Should I share different story - a story about Loris. Should I write about frustrations I meet every single day...

Then it hit me; I should nevertheless write something nice that happened to us, although I was told not to tell. Just because of that I will not mention any names. I will preserve their anonimity, as they wished.

As I already wrote - I'm not particulary religious person. But I believe... in angels.

There are many forms of them - and as someone one time said - they don't  always have wings to prove to be genuine.

Patrik and our family have some we know about and I'm sure many others we don't know yet.

Today I will mention some. No names... I promised.

So here we go:

* Helpfull Angel - she's the one who helps us with her ever motivated whish to do something good. We really don't know what we will do without her.

* Knowledge Angel - although far away - the knowledge and instructions from her helped us realise that our boy manages to do much more things on his own that we thought he can and much, much more as we have been and are told from the "experts".

* Love & Caring Angels - yes plural. This is the largest group and is a group that loves Patrik just the way he is.

* Little Angel - although sometimes called "A devil in disguise" she's the one who says out loud the things we don't dare and by that she's the one who keep us going on trying.

* Diligent Angels - plural - yet they are two of them; twins, couple. Although they didn't need to and they don't need to, think of us. They think of Patrik. And they did a thing so unexpected, yet so helpfull...

* ...

So, these are some of our Angels. In a random order - not by degree - how can you give a degree to an angel?

I most defenitely forget some of them, but nevertheless, they are in our hearts.
I'm grateful for the single THOUGHT they have about Patrik and the troubles we are going through.

The angels are among us. You just have to be prepared to see them.  

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