Sunday, April 08, 2012

Where has the Easter gone?

The last few days before today passed so quickly by me. I realised only on Friday, that I should wish happy holiday to all my business partners. As most of the Europe already closed their officies because of the forthcoming holiday...I was a 'little' bit late.

It was a shock for me. Where'd the spirit of Easter go?

I gave some thoughts to this matter for the last two days - if I was not happening to read a book. I haven' found the answer.

Today we joined my parents for Easter breakfast. Loris already left on Friady, to be with them. To have at least some of that spirit I knew as a child. My two out of three sisters came too with their partners. It was quite a family gathering. Unfortunately one we missed.

We did some Easter Eggs Hunting today. Loris hardly waited for the Bunny to arrive. We hoped Patrik would be interested...but it was cold today...later started to snow - he had more fun playing 'catch me, if you can' with his aunt Simona, while Loris was searching the grounds for the eggs and other gifts.

I was baptised... I went to so called Sunday school - although it was not on Sunday. I have all the other acrams too, except for the one of marriage, the one I can' have and the one I hope I will not need for a long time...

Loris and Patrik were baptised too, although they don't attend Sunday school. Did I do the right thing? Did I had the right to do it? I don't know...

I know both of them don't know the story behind Easter. You can freely say it - it was/is my fault (my husband was not raised in any particular religion as I was), but I simply don't know how to explain something... I don't quite believe in.

As a child I had beliefs that was made of beliefs of my family. As I grew up...well I will say only this... (to prevent hurting anyone's feeling):

I do believe in GOD (High Spirit, Jing&Jung...what ever you might name it - I don't care how you call it)..., but I don't believe in the Institution. Any of them.

Is that wrong? Again...I don't know. I just know I find comfort in this and that's all that matters to me.

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