Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I realise I suffer from lack of time in the last decade. For all the things I would like to do. I had enough time some 10 years ago, for all the things I wanted to do and for my job.

Now, I wish... :

- that day would have more than 24 hours... around 36 would do - at least for some time


(and they say - beware of what you wish for) I would have insomnia - without side effects... Then, maybe... I would have some extra time...

Yeah, I feel as if I had some kind of clock built in me - very similar to the above... All through timed time for things that has to be done.

I found myself in a vicious circle of insane running around - my job - home - afternoon activities - therapies - doctors' appointments - store - and finally... some sleep - but in the morning, the circle starts all over again, with some modifications...

But the time for things that I like - that I love to do, slips through my fingers...
However, altough of the lack of time in the last year I started on three projects, of which two of them in the last month... I agree with the opoinion you have - hmmm... - You know what, I need just a certificate for it... :o)

The first project was to start writing a blog - this one... 
Last than a month ago I started to my second project, write a blog in my language (you can find the links of it in this blog on the page 'Different yet the same' - for those who understands Slovene language... :o)
The third project is otherwise fresh new, but it is with me the longest - new only on the net. Yes and it refers to the writing... I decided...

Well, check for yourself, if you're interested: The Chick Literature

They say that time lost can not be replaced... but it's worth to try...

Is it not?

(p.s. the pictures above are taken from the net - found them on Google pictures)


  1. Very cool.... will take a read when my life is back to normal!! :)

  2. You're finally home? I know you had a wonderful grown up time. Well, I know that you're lack of time as the rest of us, so take your time... :o)

  3. http://balancingthebucket.blogspot.com/2012/02/wow-memes-are-us.html - po naključju sem našla tale blog.. mi je bil všeč, sem se spomnla, da bi bil mogoče tudi tebi. :)