Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ten Years

I smile today. As always on the April 25th for the last 10 years. The memory of the episode in my life, that changed it so dramatically is funny one. That's why I'm smiling. I know I'm not the only one.

On this day - ten years ago, my husband and me, sat down at 6 a.m. (yes in the morning) in an Inn and started discousion. A particular one. It changed our lives.

He was driving me from the party back home. As we lived in different towns and the party was in his town in the morning - yes it was sunny morning - he drove me back home. But before we reach my parents house (I was living with my mom and dad after I had left my previous boyfried and had nowhere to go) he stopped for a coffie, although none of us really need it.

The only open inn in the whole city was Inn ČUK (Screech owl) which opened already at 5 a.m. No wonder... the Inn is settled beneath the Castle and we all know the 'lords of the castle' - a little joke. :o)
So, we came in - still dressed for the party - I had my heavy make up on - on those days I even did my day and evening make up... wow, where are those days... :o) - but luckly the Inn was still empty.

We sat down and ordered a coffie. While waiting we did some small talk... nothing particulary... just talk... like we hadn't talked whole night... and we did... Don't smile at me. That night/day was really funny.

After we had got our coffies... I don't remember who started that particular theme. I just know that this was the weirdest thing I have ever done till that day. Really.

Altough never in the past none of my boyfriends ever asked me that famous question: "Would you be my girlfriend?" Not even in my teenagers days...
Well, it didn't happend that day either!!!
I never thought that at the end I will almost signed a contract with my future husband.

Yes it actually looked like it. 

When the waiter went back to his place after he served us, somehow the question poped up:

"So what are we?"

- One night stands? - Hmm... it seemed that we have strange explanation about one nigh!!! :o)
- Friends? Way past that line!!! :o)
- Friends with benefits? Close!!!
- A pair: boyfriend/girlfriend?" We should give a thought about that!!!

As we were seeing each other for some time it might just have been the right time to set the thing right. I know that we looked each other in a strange way. I think that never happened to us in the past. At least I know that it never happened to me. 

After few minutes in silence I started to laugh and so did Janez. What a crazy question so early in the morning? What talked out of us? Sleepless night? Spring in the air? Love? Hell, I still don't know.

Somehow that day we finished our conversation with the decision we are indeed girlfriend/boyfriend... 

When we looked around, the a part of the Inn was full. I should have known it. As I was the only woman in the Inn I got some strange looks, but not only because of that. Some of them knew me...

Anyway... Did we think that day - ten years ago - this will last this long and beyond?

I doubt it... :o)


  1. Aww what a lovely post congratulations xxxxx

    1. Thank you Wendy... I'm still laughing. I think this memory will make me laugh even in the future... :o)

  2. Keep sharing your memories as I love reading them. Congrats on your ten years! :)

    1. Thx Di. We still don't get it, what was that thing that talked out of us that morning... We probably had too much... khm... wine?