Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Routine & Meltdowns

Altough children, teens and adults with ASD are known after living their lives in routine, we discover each day, Patrik has no problem coping his life without it.

As strange as it might be - it's true.

He hasn't had a meltdown in weeks, months... untill today. And even today's 'meltdown' is nothing comparing to what many of parents say or write. The meltdown before this one today was expected, as we woke him up from his - not so much usual afternoon sleep. 
We know how to handle the rare situations like that. Otherwise... no, I can't remember having him one for a long time. I have my suspicions that even this one today was caused by his afternoon sleep. Although happened quite some time later.

Of course he shows us his anger or bad mood when it is not as he pleases. But nothing serious or unusual. At least for us two and I think also by the criteria of other parents. After all, at the end of the 'episode' we start to laugh (Patrik & me). 

Regarding to the routine... I think we don't live much according to it. Yes, we have our daily's routine - as me and Janez going to work, Loris to school, Patrik to preschool... It is routine for the last 6 months that Janez drives both of them to school and to prescool... and also picks them up in the afternoon. But if anything changes, Patrik has no problem to cope with it. 

It's the same during the afternoons, when we all come back or during the weekends. We are not planing much in ahead. Also our vacations. 

I remember the first time we went to UK - more than a year ago (on the evaluation of the RDI therapy) with our car. I remember asking myself how it will be, when we will come to the port and be on board to the ferry. You know what I'm refering on: more than 12 hour drive through half of Europe and after that boarding to the big, iron ferry in Calais - full of hard noises from boarding of other cars and trucs. 

Well, all I can say is - he coped with the whole situation almost better than we did (because of some other reasons), like we do this every day, twice per day. No panic. No meltdown. Nothing. I still believe that none of the other passangers even noticed Patrik has Autism. And it's the same every time we go to England. 

Sometimes I have a feeling that all the routine we have - is because of us (Janez & me) and not because of Patrik. That we live easier this way. 

Maybe I'm wrong... maybe I'm not. 
In fact, I incline more to the second part of the previous sentence...            



  1. Good to read. Nick also doesn't have meltdowns! Don't get me wrong... he does get anxious and at times a bit cross... BUT nothing heavy going. In fact he is quite easy! Perhaps you and your family will come and visit one day!! ;)

  2. :o) *** Perhaps... who knows... we just might pack our bags and come... :o)