Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pets *** Our Piko

As a child I had many different pets - at the same time. 

Let me think: there were always a cat and a dog at house - most of the times more than one at the same time. I had guinea pigs, golden hamsters, rabbits, during the winter even hedgehogs, fishes, canaries, parrots - oh, wait, those ones had my eldest sister. 
Well, the last but not least - I had also a fiel mouse, which I saved from my mother and my cat, both eager to get it and destroy it... one way or the other. Noone new I helped it, save it and fed it... untill the mouse run off from me and my room. 
They found it safe, fat and sund two months later when I was in my summer camp. I will explain you no yelling... :o) - not at me, but at the sight of the mouse... :o)

Most of that pets I brought home. They were lost and I (and my parents) gave them home.

As I am fond of all animals, it was - and is - my plan to pass that love to my children. Hmmmmm....

When I met my husband and later, when I came to live with him and his mother (don't roll your eyes, please - I did that a lot in the past) they had a dog - a golden retriver. Nice dog, but... you know how they say dogs ancestors are wolves and wolves live in packs - and he did live in a pack. He was a head of his pack. I just couldn't understand.

Don't get me wrong - for I might be easily be misunderstood - I loved all my pets and cried when they died or when I set them free (hedgehogs every spring), but - at least from my point of view - a pet is a pet. It is part of the family, but NEVER head of it or having the commands. .'Tis' just wrong!!

Well, DOn (as was his name) stayed with us for several years, untill he died - of poison he ate, when he went on his daily walk with my mother in law. 

No! It was not me! although I was under silent suspicion. Well, I was clear of a charge, when several other cats in the large neighbourhood were found dead.

That happened when Loris was around two - two and a half - and Patrik was near to a year.

Loris loved him. Was not afraid of him. Patrik was at that time to little to give any notion about him

After Don was gone, we didn't get ourselves another dog. Why? I love them too much to condem one, to be alone in the house (or at home) for the most of the day. I can't do that. I'm rather without it and so we are without one - although I would love to have one. Well, maybe one day... 
But we have a cat. It's white with orange splashes. Yes, he is home alone for the most of the day, but as you know - cats are different from the dogs. Cats love to be alone. They love to be left alone. Yes, they want to cuddle, but on their terms, not ours. And that is what I love with cats. Their independence.

Loris love Piko (that is his name) although she was for some time afraid of him. Later she, although being told not to, drag poor cat around whenever she thouth she was not seen. So eventually we had to seperate her and the cat for some time. Until she learned we will not give up. Now she knows what is right and what is not.
Patrik on the other hand is indiferent to him. He shows no affection, nor dislike. We hoped he will show some signs that he cares - yes, Patrik showed us and to Piko so degree of curiosity - but that was it. So we don't force him.

At the moment it is like it is.

Piko has all what a cat deserves: he is being take care of me, Janez and Loris. He is loved. He can do whatever he wants, he goes wherever he wants, sleeps almost everywhere he wants...
I think he is a happy cat and if we would lose him...        

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    1. Me too! They are so independent... But I love dogs too, and when I will be grown up (hehehehe) and have a big ranch I will have Irish wolfhound... That is a promise to myself.

  2. We have a cat called Speedy and he has made such a difference to our son who loves him to bits.

    A lovely post. Thank you.

    1. I thought that Patrik will somehow find him at least amusing... unfortunately this hasn't happen... yet!!!