Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm not fond of jogging. I just don't like running.

Once upon a time... I was pretty good on short distances - but I hated long distance running, cross country running or even doing laps. Oh, those killed me every time.

But as I was told so many times - about the benefits of jogging; how it is good for the body (and for the losing weight) I tried several times. After month or two - I always gave up.

I found/find no satisfaction in jogging.

So many people in the past and in the present, told me the same thing over and over again; how they feel relaxed after the jogging, how their minds are peaceful.

Well, jogging never ever had that kind of effect on me!

Most of the time I came back home exhausted. Mentally rahter than physically.

To explain;
Althogh my body worked (what else) my mind was fully occupied with all the problems I managed to push away during the other part of the day. I faced all the problems and I tried to solve them all at that point. I tried to find the solutions - which I rarely did.

I was said to listen to the music. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!!!!!
I'm used to listen to the music, to the radio during all my waking hours. Actually I find it hard to work if I don't have a background sound from the radio, CD or what ever... I focus better on my work if I have that.

And even with the music as my companion at jogging, I came home dead tired - mentally. My mind runs faster than my legs.

So I gave up jogging. Or at least I had thought so...

Since Tuesday Loris attaches me daily, when we will go jogging as we saw them jogging in the park, adults, teenagers, children... All dressed up and in a groups... some alone.

Of course I promised her - without thinking, what I promised - that we will when the wether gets better.

Well, today it was nice, sunny, warm day. Around 25°C I think. At least it was, when we got in the car.

So, we came back... I was tired. I believe for the first time my body was more exhausted than my mind... Miracle... :o)

No, just Loris... She talked all the way and kept me away from the depths of my darkest worries...  

I think this just might work...


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  1. The weather is warming up nicely for you! :) Good luck with the jogging. At least you have Loris to keep your mind off things PLUS you get to have some special one on one time with her!