Saturday, April 07, 2012

I Wish I Could...

... Get Funding For...

hmm..... hmmmm....

Through the years my whishes and thoughts what would I do with a LARGE sum of money (if I ever get my hands on it) changed periodically. As my life changed. And my priorities.

Still one wish remains in my head - never changed for years now - but it's too much wish for myself (you could say it's egoistic/selfish...etc...) - that's why I will keep it still for myself.

The second wish is with me, with our family for almost 4 years now. 

I wish I could raise funds for opening a REAL Center for Autism.
(I already know how to name it!)

Why I bolded and underlined the word real? Because the Center in my mind would welcome all the children, teens and adults with ASD.
This Center would have the experts from all the medical areas, from all the known - and ready existing therapies - NOT just the one we do to help Patrik (RDI) - to help each individual with ASD as they deserve it. Not just to those who's parents would agree with me...

Why I wish for that kind of Center - because I know the therapy we are living, might not help some other children, teens or adults. In this Center experts would look for all the problems and advantages each individual has and help to minimize the problems and expand the advantages.

I wish to be a happy place not the bitter one!!!

I wish I could raise funds for... but I know I never will. 
I just simply don't know how... to ask anybody for the money. I'm just too embarased. I was never taught how to do it. I was never raised that way...

That's why I'm playing Euro Millions Lottery... and hope twice per week... :o)     

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  1. I LOVE your idea! Why not think about making it happen? :)
    Start small and aim to grow!!

  2. What a lovely wish and you never know wishes do come true