Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glass child

I can't remember if I wrote about this before and I don't have a time to search for it. If I'm repeating myself, I apologize. It takes my sleep away...

I love the movie "Love Actually". I watched it probably for a 50 times or more. Like those stories connected together in one big story. But there is/was one story in the movie that touched my heart very deeply a long time ago. I think it toched my heart and my head even before I had my children.
The story withing the story is about young woman who has a brother with special needs. Doesn't even say to us, what kind, but that is not the point. The point is, they show us how she devoted her life to him. Her brother. How actually she was robbed of her own  life.
This story hit me with all it's strenght when we were told about our suspicions about Patrik diagnosis.
I vowed then I have to do all what is in my power to prewen Loris from the fate like that.
Will I succed? Time will tell. I know I am / I will do my best!
Looking back last three weekends... she hadn't spent home. Three weekends ago, she was at my mothers, two weekends ago, she was with my mother in law and last weekend - again - with my parents.
I started wondering why? O.K. she was asked to come, but my wondering was/is - why did she always agreed to go... not to stay home; with me, with her dad and at the end with Patrik - with us...?
We are busy all week long. From Monday to Friday we (Janez and me) work. Afternoons work with Patrik, driving her to her afternoon activities four times a week...
Does she feels neglected anyway? We are trying to be with her - to do things with her - as much as possible. Could it be, it's just not enough for her?
Tried to talk to her. To see what she thinks about it. We haven't really got a satisfactory answer from her; so we don't know really.
For the last month or so I read much about "Glass children" - siblings of children with special needs. I don't want her to feel that. I don't want... NO! The question is:
What actually he wants?
Will we learn from her in time to correct our mutual way in life? Or will we be too late? 
I certainly hope not...

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  1. I actually haven't watched the movie! I must try and find it!
    Petra, do you manage to spend some time with just Loris? Are you able to go away for one night with Loris (and without Patrik)? We make a point of doing *stuff* with Thomas, even if it is just going out for supper. He has also had therapy over the years to help him deal with and cope with having a sibling with special needs.