Monday, April 09, 2012


I had a loooong week - last week. Luckly noone was ill or anything bad happened. Nevertheless - it was a long week.

On Tuesday afternoon 'H.A.' came and we spoke about all that happened for the last 10 days we haven't meet, about Patrik.

Don't misunderstand me; Janez gave me the report by the phone, when I was in Germany and also when I came back, but... I like to know as much as possible what went on with Patrik. Of course with Loris too, but she can tell me that by herself, when she wants to. 

- Well, anyway I'm sort of control freak 

about the informations. I confess.

I think this comes out of my fear that we will not understand Patrik when he will try to 'tell' us something. And my fear grows when I think about that he won't be undrestood by the others that are not around him very often.

On Friday evening he somehow assured us, if necessary he will find the way to explain himself to us.

Loris went to my parents for the weekend - we were to meet there on Sunday morning - so we were home alone. Just us three.

When it was time to get ready to bed, we all went to the bathroom. As he had no problem in the past to shower by himself (with our outside help) , we still search for the reason why this changed 4 to 6 months ago. As he doesn't want to go to the shower alone, someone must go in with him.

On Friday, when Patrik undressed himself, Janez asked him a question:
"Do you wanna shower?" 
He didn't expect the answer, but we got it. Not spoken one this time.

Patrik looked at Janez and in the next second, he began to search for something underneath his pyjama. 
I was already starting to prepare the shower when Janez stopped me saying:
"Watch him." He actually whispered. 
I turned around in the same instant Patrik had found the bag of wet wipes, we use to wipe his bottom. 
He offered the bag to Janez.

We understood immediately. He didn't want to shower. He wanted to be wiped and put into his bed. 
We did as he asked. Wiped him with a wet sponge, dressed him, clean his teeth and put him to bed. 

Did my fear minimize? Well, maybe a little...

Will I be less of control freak? Well, maybe a little... NOT!!! :o)

I think quite some time (months if not years) will pass before I will lose both...  

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