Monday, April 16, 2012

Castle project & Butterfly poster

This weekend Loris & I were bussy. Already on Thursday she asked me if I'm prepared to help her build a castle. As I'm realy bad with my handwork I was a little horified with the fact that I would just have to do it, but I said OK. How could I refuse.

I really suck with this handwork. I'm no near to my two sisters who are really good at this. Simona seams what ever you want - you can check her work here:
and Andreja - she has her own TV show and blog about it... - you can check her work here:
So, on Saturday afternoon Loris brought the book, where everything was written what we need and how to do it, step by step... 

First what I noticed... we hadn't have all the material - nothing strange. But anyway, we found enought material to do at least similar castle as it was shown in the book.

Although most of the parts of the castle should be colored - we took easy way... we wraped them into self-adhesive paper... So we were on our way - safely. 

But then we came to the part, where we had to do the 'finishing' part for the walls and the towers. I gave her the pattering, which we found in the book and she started to do it. She realised quickly it's not easy..

Well, our little girl know how to think. She came up with an idea (really it was not mine) that if she turns pattern different way, whe will have less to do with cutting it. I was proud of her.

Sticking the ending of the towers was not an easy task, but at the end she managed to stick it properly.

At the end we realised we haven't had enought of material anyway. So castle was only half way done. We agreed we will continue this next week or week after that. But nevertheless, medivedial fort was finished...

As she tells me very little about her home work - usually I get: "I did it at school." I was somewhat surprised when she told me already on Wednesday that she has to do a poster till Monday (today) about - Butterflies... 

Well, I loved to do posters for my homeworks, but I know that now it's her turn to do them, with my help. Of course.

So, we searched the net for the pictures to print and thank you - Wikipedja - for the informations... too much for the child in her second grade of primary school, but anyway...

When she cutted all the pictures of different kinds of butterflies and moths, I started to think, how much should a child in second grade know about the theme. I coud give her a bunch of information, but I knew this would not be OK. After all this is only second grade of primary school. 

So together we decided to write down only the way from the egg to a butterfly, and types of butterflies, and their major characteristics. 

This is what was she made.


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