Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Autism in Slovenia... hmmmm....

Remember this: 

Well, today I'm continuing my thoughts about Autism & Slovenia. What is happening here.

Remember I told you I discover only a month ago that we don't have two societies, but three?... 


Yesterday, in the news at 7 p.m., I learned we have a new one. New society was (according to the lady on the TV) established by group od parents. I checked Facebook - haven't found anything about it. Checked 'Uncle Google' - I think it was something on a page 3 - the page is mainly under construction... 

But do they work toghether as one? I don't think so. I don't see them to do so. I see them working one against the other and I don't understand why? 

We are all in the same big kettle. We all have the same goal; to help our children make the best of them. To help them to have as independent life as possible. How we will reach that goal - does it matter? I don't think so.

Autism is a SPECTRUM! 

So if one therapy is good for some children, we can not say that this therapy is the only one right! And fit for all the children on the spectrum. Can we? I don't dare to state that? Do they? 
It seems to me that someone here in Slovenia is planning to state that. Is preparing a program for all the children on the spectrum...
Is this really the right way?

The societies I know - I feel - work one against the others... And they should work as 4 Musketeers: One for all and all for one! They should get together and speak against our Goverment; Ministy of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry for Labour, Family and Social Affairs... I think we could find them more...

Our Goverment is good at doing what Caesar did more than two thousand years ago:

This lesson they learned very well... they just know how to divide us...  


  1. Bless your hearts going through all you are as a family, I wish you nothing but good health and love for your future.xxx Katie