Sunday, April 01, 2012

Autism Awareness

This post is for Special Saturday, an online ‘global’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of children and adults living with special needs.
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Well, as it happens, I don't have any problems to share our story, our journey which is accompanied with Autism. Some might think that strange, but that's me.

Since the day when we were told what might have been going on with Patrik and  read about the Autism on the internet and started to convince the doctors we are not hysterical or at least fit for mental hospital, I found myself telling about the Autism to anyone who listened and also to those who didn't.

My God, I must have bored people to the death with this theme. I still do... :o)

Then I dicovered blogging and started to bore people not just around me, but also around the Globe.  :o)

In this 5 years long journey - and it's not over yet - we met a lot of people. Different people. Those who didn't understand what we are going through (and still don't), some who tried to understand what is like, some that pretend to understand and few who actually understand the crazy world we have been pushed in.

Haven't blame any of them. They did and do the best they can and you can't blame someone who does the best he can, can you?

I was told few times that I should do the blogging in my language too, not just in English. That I'm in no title to argue about almost non existing Autism awareness in our country. I gave quite some time to think about this... 

I realised they may be right. 

So my resolution is - to find time to do it in both languages at the same time. If that will raise the Awareness we need, it will worth it.  


  1. Way to go, Petra! :)
    I totally understand the crazy world that *WE* live in; and I am so glad that I share it with you! x

    1. Thank you Di!

      I know that you do and I'm also very glad, that you share it with me/us!