Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Rain

It rained for the last couple od weeks. Not all the time and it was not hard rain. It was raining yesterday too. Today is just cloudly. At last we could say. 

It's rather strange, but looking back in my memory it looks like we haven't had much of it for the last 6 months or any of the precipications. O.K. We had little snow in some part of the country and I don't talk about the mountains. I know some other countries in Europe had difficulties with the snow, but we hadn't. 

I'm not great fond of the rain, yet I know that the nature needs it. Very much. And as I already wrote, we scarcely had any. No real winter, except of those three damn cold weeks (sorry for the language - but I hate cold even more than rain).

All this failure of nature to send us some rain, started to worry the authorities as they put out the prohibition of using drinking water for any other purposes, because they feared of running out of natural resources. 
No home car wash, no watering the gardens... etc... Nothing. Well, unfortunately, many didn't obey. 

So now it is raining. It is not heavy rain, it is not a storm, just gently fall of the rain drops. I know that Patrik is somewhat annoyed with it as we don't let him out on the trampoline, but he will survive.

Although spring started (at least calendar one) good three weeks ago, lawns, meadows and all other places covered with grass were still brow/yellow colors. The color of dying plants. Trees had no poping leaves on their branches. No real blossoms of the first fruits trees and other decorative ones. I don't know if others had noticed, but I did.

Yet, now... after the rain - trees, grass flowers actually exploded. You can see light green colour everywhere.

It's funny... I'm not fond of the rain, yet I hardly wait to return to the country that is well known about it...

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