Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pets *** Our Piko

As a child I had many different pets - at the same time. 

Let me think: there were always a cat and a dog at house - most of the times more than one at the same time. I had guinea pigs, golden hamsters, rabbits, during the winter even hedgehogs, fishes, canaries, parrots - oh, wait, those ones had my eldest sister. 
Well, the last but not least - I had also a fiel mouse, which I saved from my mother and my cat, both eager to get it and destroy it... one way or the other. Noone new I helped it, save it and fed it... untill the mouse run off from me and my room. 
They found it safe, fat and sund two months later when I was in my summer camp. I will explain you no yelling... :o) - not at me, but at the sight of the mouse... :o)

Most of that pets I brought home. They were lost and I (and my parents) gave them home.

As I am fond of all animals, it was - and is - my plan to pass that love to my children. Hmmmmm....

When I met my husband and later, when I came to live with him and his mother (don't roll your eyes, please - I did that a lot in the past) they had a dog - a golden retriver. Nice dog, but... you know how they say dogs ancestors are wolves and wolves live in packs - and he did live in a pack. He was a head of his pack. I just couldn't understand.

Don't get me wrong - for I might be easily be misunderstood - I loved all my pets and cried when they died or when I set them free (hedgehogs every spring), but - at least from my point of view - a pet is a pet. It is part of the family, but NEVER head of it or having the commands. .'Tis' just wrong!!

Well, DOn (as was his name) stayed with us for several years, untill he died - of poison he ate, when he went on his daily walk with my mother in law. 

No! It was not me! although I was under silent suspicion. Well, I was clear of a charge, when several other cats in the large neighbourhood were found dead.

That happened when Loris was around two - two and a half - and Patrik was near to a year.

Loris loved him. Was not afraid of him. Patrik was at that time to little to give any notion about him

After Don was gone, we didn't get ourselves another dog. Why? I love them too much to condem one, to be alone in the house (or at home) for the most of the day. I can't do that. I'm rather without it and so we are without one - although I would love to have one. Well, maybe one day... 
But we have a cat. It's white with orange splashes. Yes, he is home alone for the most of the day, but as you know - cats are different from the dogs. Cats love to be alone. They love to be left alone. Yes, they want to cuddle, but on their terms, not ours. And that is what I love with cats. Their independence.

Loris love Piko (that is his name) although she was for some time afraid of him. Later she, although being told not to, drag poor cat around whenever she thouth she was not seen. So eventually we had to seperate her and the cat for some time. Until she learned we will not give up. Now she knows what is right and what is not.
Patrik on the other hand is indiferent to him. He shows no affection, nor dislike. We hoped he will show some signs that he cares - yes, Patrik showed us and to Piko so degree of curiosity - but that was it. So we don't force him.

At the moment it is like it is.

Piko has all what a cat deserves: he is being take care of me, Janez and Loris. He is loved. He can do whatever he wants, he goes wherever he wants, sleeps almost everywhere he wants...
I think he is a happy cat and if we would lose him...        

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Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm not fond of jogging. I just don't like running.

Once upon a time... I was pretty good on short distances - but I hated long distance running, cross country running or even doing laps. Oh, those killed me every time.

But as I was told so many times - about the benefits of jogging; how it is good for the body (and for the losing weight) I tried several times. After month or two - I always gave up.

I found/find no satisfaction in jogging.

So many people in the past and in the present, told me the same thing over and over again; how they feel relaxed after the jogging, how their minds are peaceful.

Well, jogging never ever had that kind of effect on me!

Most of the time I came back home exhausted. Mentally rahter than physically.

To explain;
Althogh my body worked (what else) my mind was fully occupied with all the problems I managed to push away during the other part of the day. I faced all the problems and I tried to solve them all at that point. I tried to find the solutions - which I rarely did.

I was said to listen to the music. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!!!!!
I'm used to listen to the music, to the radio during all my waking hours. Actually I find it hard to work if I don't have a background sound from the radio, CD or what ever... I focus better on my work if I have that.

And even with the music as my companion at jogging, I came home dead tired - mentally. My mind runs faster than my legs.

So I gave up jogging. Or at least I had thought so...

Since Tuesday Loris attaches me daily, when we will go jogging as we saw them jogging in the park, adults, teenagers, children... All dressed up and in a groups... some alone.

Of course I promised her - without thinking, what I promised - that we will when the wether gets better.

Well, today it was nice, sunny, warm day. Around 25°C I think. At least it was, when we got in the car.

So, we came back... I was tired. I believe for the first time my body was more exhausted than my mind... Miracle... :o)

No, just Loris... She talked all the way and kept me away from the depths of my darkest worries...  

I think this just might work...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ten Years

I smile today. As always on the April 25th for the last 10 years. The memory of the episode in my life, that changed it so dramatically is funny one. That's why I'm smiling. I know I'm not the only one.

On this day - ten years ago, my husband and me, sat down at 6 a.m. (yes in the morning) in an Inn and started discousion. A particular one. It changed our lives.

He was driving me from the party back home. As we lived in different towns and the party was in his town in the morning - yes it was sunny morning - he drove me back home. But before we reach my parents house (I was living with my mom and dad after I had left my previous boyfried and had nowhere to go) he stopped for a coffie, although none of us really need it.

The only open inn in the whole city was Inn ČUK (Screech owl) which opened already at 5 a.m. No wonder... the Inn is settled beneath the Castle and we all know the 'lords of the castle' - a little joke. :o)
So, we came in - still dressed for the party - I had my heavy make up on - on those days I even did my day and evening make up... wow, where are those days... :o) - but luckly the Inn was still empty.

We sat down and ordered a coffie. While waiting we did some small talk... nothing particulary... just talk... like we hadn't talked whole night... and we did... Don't smile at me. That night/day was really funny.

After we had got our coffies... I don't remember who started that particular theme. I just know that this was the weirdest thing I have ever done till that day. Really.

Altough never in the past none of my boyfriends ever asked me that famous question: "Would you be my girlfriend?" Not even in my teenagers days...
Well, it didn't happend that day either!!!
I never thought that at the end I will almost signed a contract with my future husband.

Yes it actually looked like it. 

When the waiter went back to his place after he served us, somehow the question poped up:

"So what are we?"

- One night stands? - Hmm... it seemed that we have strange explanation about one nigh!!! :o)
- Friends? Way past that line!!! :o)
- Friends with benefits? Close!!!
- A pair: boyfriend/girlfriend?" We should give a thought about that!!!

As we were seeing each other for some time it might just have been the right time to set the thing right. I know that we looked each other in a strange way. I think that never happened to us in the past. At least I know that it never happened to me. 

After few minutes in silence I started to laugh and so did Janez. What a crazy question so early in the morning? What talked out of us? Sleepless night? Spring in the air? Love? Hell, I still don't know.

Somehow that day we finished our conversation with the decision we are indeed girlfriend/boyfriend... 

When we looked around, the a part of the Inn was full. I should have known it. As I was the only woman in the Inn I got some strange looks, but not only because of that. Some of them knew me...

Anyway... Did we think that day - ten years ago - this will last this long and beyond?

I doubt it... :o)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I realise I suffer from lack of time in the last decade. For all the things I would like to do. I had enough time some 10 years ago, for all the things I wanted to do and for my job.

Now, I wish... :

- that day would have more than 24 hours... around 36 would do - at least for some time


(and they say - beware of what you wish for) I would have insomnia - without side effects... Then, maybe... I would have some extra time...

Yeah, I feel as if I had some kind of clock built in me - very similar to the above... All through timed time for things that has to be done.

I found myself in a vicious circle of insane running around - my job - home - afternoon activities - therapies - doctors' appointments - store - and finally... some sleep - but in the morning, the circle starts all over again, with some modifications...

But the time for things that I like - that I love to do, slips through my fingers...
However, altough of the lack of time in the last year I started on three projects, of which two of them in the last month... I agree with the opoinion you have - hmmm... - You know what, I need just a certificate for it... :o)

The first project was to start writing a blog - this one... 
Last than a month ago I started to my second project, write a blog in my language (you can find the links of it in this blog on the page 'Different yet the same' - for those who understands Slovene language... :o)
The third project is otherwise fresh new, but it is with me the longest - new only on the net. Yes and it refers to the writing... I decided...

Well, check for yourself, if you're interested: The Chick Literature

They say that time lost can not be replaced... but it's worth to try...

Is it not?

(p.s. the pictures above are taken from the net - found them on Google pictures)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stress on the Carer

I have a peculiar immune system. I was told that many times by my MD (in the past) and so was my mother when I was a child.

I remember the only two times that I have been driven to the hospital as an emergency case. 
The first time I was around 11 yrs old and I had been on the very edge of my appending broken - but read this... No signs before, until it was almost too late.
The second time I was 16 or 17 (in between) yrs old and in the morning when I got up and went to dress myself in the bathroom - I collapsed on the floor - somehow I managed to unlock the bathroom and came out of it. My mom said that the only words I had said at that time was: "I can't see. I can't see." and I was on the floor. That was the first and only time that I faited. And that was a sign for my mother something must be very wrong with me.

I think I will never forget when my mom was arguing with the doctor in the hospital as he yelled at her, where she was with me before. And she was trying to explain to him that I had no signs about the illness before. It was hard then. I had inflammation almost everywhere in my body - it was very close that even my heart could got it. But my mom was right. I had no signs; no fever, no cough... nothing.

But that passed and getting 'older' as a fine wine - my immune system hasn't change. It's still the same. It holds on what ever pressure, stress or whatever might get upon me. Yes, I get fever on occasion... the headache I can say - if that pressure in my head here and there is headache, than I know what it is, if this is not headache, I don't know the feeling... 

It's been two decades now, that I have been taken to the hospital. Yes, my card at my MD is full of dates, but for other reasons, not my illness. I think I saw my doctor in past 5 years two times - and even that was not my illness but I had to get my sick note for my job - as my mother was not able to get them for me. Luckly I meet him here and there in the town so I still know how he looks like. :o)

In the last five years I made some changes and in the same time I found myself in that bumpy ride - called life with Autism. 
No wonder that I have more and more days, when I feel & look exactly like this cat (I found on FB) - I even printed the picture, put it in the plastic and put it on my computer in my office, so that everyone can see it.

So, what is my prescribtion to survive stress - I don't have any, I just go with the flow. I think I (we) live too long with it and somehow we become adjusted to it. Yes, some days are worse than the others, but at the end I (we) just have to live them through. There is no other option.

And the signs I have that I'm in stress:
- I have a rash on the back on my neck for several years (no, I was not at my doctor because of it);
- in the last 6 months I got one on the left side of my tummy that itches as hell (I didn't see him for it either);
and this one I think is more disturbing:
- I forget things - not mayor ones - small ones... like put my rings on my fingers when leaving the house; forget to take my lunch with me when going to work... if I remember to take those things, I defenitely forget something else and I remember about it/them, when I'm far too far to turn around and get them.  (You know the drill - I WAS NOT at my doctor for this too)

But until I can cope with it, I don't mind. I just hope that nothing strange goes on in my body - because giving my medical history, when my body will show me that something is wrong, it might be just too late.

I hope my mind is strong enough to help me fulfill my goals - to raise my children into independend individuals who will know their place in this world.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

She's 8... Eight years ago, she finally was born. Three days later we brought her back home. Frightened, scared with plenty of questions, if we will know how to cope.

We managed. She turned 8 today. She thinks she's big now. 

And we? 

Still frightened and scared... with plenty of questions, if we will still cope in the future. 

There is only one difference between now and more than 8 years ago. 

The level of love is higher!!!

to you, Loris!!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hopeful parents


is my first blog post for Hopeful parents.

What is Hopeful parents - who we are - you can read here: 

I hope you'll enjoy it...

all of it...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Castle project & Butterfly poster

This weekend Loris & I were bussy. Already on Thursday she asked me if I'm prepared to help her build a castle. As I'm realy bad with my handwork I was a little horified with the fact that I would just have to do it, but I said OK. How could I refuse.

I really suck with this handwork. I'm no near to my two sisters who are really good at this. Simona seams what ever you want - you can check her work here:
and Andreja - she has her own TV show and blog about it... - you can check her work here:
So, on Saturday afternoon Loris brought the book, where everything was written what we need and how to do it, step by step... 

First what I noticed... we hadn't have all the material - nothing strange. But anyway, we found enought material to do at least similar castle as it was shown in the book.

Although most of the parts of the castle should be colored - we took easy way... we wraped them into self-adhesive paper... So we were on our way - safely. 

But then we came to the part, where we had to do the 'finishing' part for the walls and the towers. I gave her the pattering, which we found in the book and she started to do it. She realised quickly it's not easy..

Well, our little girl know how to think. She came up with an idea (really it was not mine) that if she turns pattern different way, whe will have less to do with cutting it. I was proud of her.

Sticking the ending of the towers was not an easy task, but at the end she managed to stick it properly.

At the end we realised we haven't had enought of material anyway. So castle was only half way done. We agreed we will continue this next week or week after that. But nevertheless, medivedial fort was finished...

As she tells me very little about her home work - usually I get: "I did it at school." I was somewhat surprised when she told me already on Wednesday that she has to do a poster till Monday (today) about - Butterflies... 

Well, I loved to do posters for my homeworks, but I know that now it's her turn to do them, with my help. Of course.

So, we searched the net for the pictures to print and thank you - Wikipedja - for the informations... too much for the child in her second grade of primary school, but anyway...

When she cutted all the pictures of different kinds of butterflies and moths, I started to think, how much should a child in second grade know about the theme. I coud give her a bunch of information, but I knew this would not be OK. After all this is only second grade of primary school. 

So together we decided to write down only the way from the egg to a butterfly, and types of butterflies, and their major characteristics. 

This is what was she made.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Rain

It rained for the last couple od weeks. Not all the time and it was not hard rain. It was raining yesterday too. Today is just cloudly. At last we could say. 

It's rather strange, but looking back in my memory it looks like we haven't had much of it for the last 6 months or any of the precipications. O.K. We had little snow in some part of the country and I don't talk about the mountains. I know some other countries in Europe had difficulties with the snow, but we hadn't. 

I'm not great fond of the rain, yet I know that the nature needs it. Very much. And as I already wrote, we scarcely had any. No real winter, except of those three damn cold weeks (sorry for the language - but I hate cold even more than rain).

All this failure of nature to send us some rain, started to worry the authorities as they put out the prohibition of using drinking water for any other purposes, because they feared of running out of natural resources. 
No home car wash, no watering the gardens... etc... Nothing. Well, unfortunately, many didn't obey. 

So now it is raining. It is not heavy rain, it is not a storm, just gently fall of the rain drops. I know that Patrik is somewhat annoyed with it as we don't let him out on the trampoline, but he will survive.

Although spring started (at least calendar one) good three weeks ago, lawns, meadows and all other places covered with grass were still brow/yellow colors. The color of dying plants. Trees had no poping leaves on their branches. No real blossoms of the first fruits trees and other decorative ones. I don't know if others had noticed, but I did.

Yet, now... after the rain - trees, grass flowers actually exploded. You can see light green colour everywhere.

It's funny... I'm not fond of the rain, yet I hardly wait to return to the country that is well known about it...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glass child

I can't remember if I wrote about this before and I don't have a time to search for it. If I'm repeating myself, I apologize. It takes my sleep away...

I love the movie "Love Actually". I watched it probably for a 50 times or more. Like those stories connected together in one big story. But there is/was one story in the movie that touched my heart very deeply a long time ago. I think it toched my heart and my head even before I had my children.
The story withing the story is about young woman who has a brother with special needs. Doesn't even say to us, what kind, but that is not the point. The point is, they show us how she devoted her life to him. Her brother. How actually she was robbed of her own  life.
This story hit me with all it's strenght when we were told about our suspicions about Patrik diagnosis.
I vowed then I have to do all what is in my power to prewen Loris from the fate like that.
Will I succed? Time will tell. I know I am / I will do my best!
Looking back last three weekends... she hadn't spent home. Three weekends ago, she was at my mothers, two weekends ago, she was with my mother in law and last weekend - again - with my parents.
I started wondering why? O.K. she was asked to come, but my wondering was/is - why did she always agreed to go... not to stay home; with me, with her dad and at the end with Patrik - with us...?
We are busy all week long. From Monday to Friday we (Janez and me) work. Afternoons work with Patrik, driving her to her afternoon activities four times a week...
Does she feels neglected anyway? We are trying to be with her - to do things with her - as much as possible. Could it be, it's just not enough for her?
Tried to talk to her. To see what she thinks about it. We haven't really got a satisfactory answer from her; so we don't know really.
For the last month or so I read much about "Glass children" - siblings of children with special needs. I don't want her to feel that. I don't want... NO! The question is:
What actually he wants?
Will we learn from her in time to correct our mutual way in life? Or will we be too late? 
I certainly hope not...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Routine & Meltdowns

Altough children, teens and adults with ASD are known after living their lives in routine, we discover each day, Patrik has no problem coping his life without it.

As strange as it might be - it's true.

He hasn't had a meltdown in weeks, months... untill today. And even today's 'meltdown' is nothing comparing to what many of parents say or write. The meltdown before this one today was expected, as we woke him up from his - not so much usual afternoon sleep. 
We know how to handle the rare situations like that. Otherwise... no, I can't remember having him one for a long time. I have my suspicions that even this one today was caused by his afternoon sleep. Although happened quite some time later.

Of course he shows us his anger or bad mood when it is not as he pleases. But nothing serious or unusual. At least for us two and I think also by the criteria of other parents. After all, at the end of the 'episode' we start to laugh (Patrik & me). 

Regarding to the routine... I think we don't live much according to it. Yes, we have our daily's routine - as me and Janez going to work, Loris to school, Patrik to preschool... It is routine for the last 6 months that Janez drives both of them to school and to prescool... and also picks them up in the afternoon. But if anything changes, Patrik has no problem to cope with it. 

It's the same during the afternoons, when we all come back or during the weekends. We are not planing much in ahead. Also our vacations. 

I remember the first time we went to UK - more than a year ago (on the evaluation of the RDI therapy) with our car. I remember asking myself how it will be, when we will come to the port and be on board to the ferry. You know what I'm refering on: more than 12 hour drive through half of Europe and after that boarding to the big, iron ferry in Calais - full of hard noises from boarding of other cars and trucs. 

Well, all I can say is - he coped with the whole situation almost better than we did (because of some other reasons), like we do this every day, twice per day. No panic. No meltdown. Nothing. I still believe that none of the other passangers even noticed Patrik has Autism. And it's the same every time we go to England. 

Sometimes I have a feeling that all the routine we have - is because of us (Janez & me) and not because of Patrik. That we live easier this way. 

Maybe I'm wrong... maybe I'm not. 
In fact, I incline more to the second part of the previous sentence...            


Monday, April 09, 2012


I had a loooong week - last week. Luckly noone was ill or anything bad happened. Nevertheless - it was a long week.

On Tuesday afternoon 'H.A.' came and we spoke about all that happened for the last 10 days we haven't meet, about Patrik.

Don't misunderstand me; Janez gave me the report by the phone, when I was in Germany and also when I came back, but... I like to know as much as possible what went on with Patrik. Of course with Loris too, but she can tell me that by herself, when she wants to. 

- Well, anyway I'm sort of control freak 

about the informations. I confess.

I think this comes out of my fear that we will not understand Patrik when he will try to 'tell' us something. And my fear grows when I think about that he won't be undrestood by the others that are not around him very often.

On Friday evening he somehow assured us, if necessary he will find the way to explain himself to us.

Loris went to my parents for the weekend - we were to meet there on Sunday morning - so we were home alone. Just us three.

When it was time to get ready to bed, we all went to the bathroom. As he had no problem in the past to shower by himself (with our outside help) , we still search for the reason why this changed 4 to 6 months ago. As he doesn't want to go to the shower alone, someone must go in with him.

On Friday, when Patrik undressed himself, Janez asked him a question:
"Do you wanna shower?" 
He didn't expect the answer, but we got it. Not spoken one this time.

Patrik looked at Janez and in the next second, he began to search for something underneath his pyjama. 
I was already starting to prepare the shower when Janez stopped me saying:
"Watch him." He actually whispered. 
I turned around in the same instant Patrik had found the bag of wet wipes, we use to wipe his bottom. 
He offered the bag to Janez.

We understood immediately. He didn't want to shower. He wanted to be wiped and put into his bed. 
We did as he asked. Wiped him with a wet sponge, dressed him, clean his teeth and put him to bed. 

Did my fear minimize? Well, maybe a little...

Will I be less of control freak? Well, maybe a little... NOT!!! :o)

I think quite some time (months if not years) will pass before I will lose both...  

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Where has the Easter gone?

The last few days before today passed so quickly by me. I realised only on Friday, that I should wish happy holiday to all my business partners. As most of the Europe already closed their officies because of the forthcoming holiday...I was a 'little' bit late.

It was a shock for me. Where'd the spirit of Easter go?

I gave some thoughts to this matter for the last two days - if I was not happening to read a book. I haven' found the answer.

Today we joined my parents for Easter breakfast. Loris already left on Friady, to be with them. To have at least some of that spirit I knew as a child. My two out of three sisters came too with their partners. It was quite a family gathering. Unfortunately one we missed.

We did some Easter Eggs Hunting today. Loris hardly waited for the Bunny to arrive. We hoped Patrik would be interested...but it was cold today...later started to snow - he had more fun playing 'catch me, if you can' with his aunt Simona, while Loris was searching the grounds for the eggs and other gifts.

I was baptised... I went to so called Sunday school - although it was not on Sunday. I have all the other acrams too, except for the one of marriage, the one I can' have and the one I hope I will not need for a long time...

Loris and Patrik were baptised too, although they don't attend Sunday school. Did I do the right thing? Did I had the right to do it? I don't know...

I know both of them don't know the story behind Easter. You can freely say it - it was/is my fault (my husband was not raised in any particular religion as I was), but I simply don't know how to explain something... I don't quite believe in.

As a child I had beliefs that was made of beliefs of my family. As I grew up...well I will say only this... (to prevent hurting anyone's feeling):

I do believe in GOD (High Spirit, Jing&Jung...what ever you might name it - I don't care how you call it)..., but I don't believe in the Institution. Any of them.

Is that wrong? Again...I don't know. I just know I find comfort in this and that's all that matters to me.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

I Wish I Could...

... Get Funding For...

hmm..... hmmmm....

Through the years my whishes and thoughts what would I do with a LARGE sum of money (if I ever get my hands on it) changed periodically. As my life changed. And my priorities.

Still one wish remains in my head - never changed for years now - but it's too much wish for myself (you could say it's egoistic/selfish...etc...) - that's why I will keep it still for myself.

The second wish is with me, with our family for almost 4 years now. 

I wish I could raise funds for opening a REAL Center for Autism.
(I already know how to name it!)

Why I bolded and underlined the word real? Because the Center in my mind would welcome all the children, teens and adults with ASD.
This Center would have the experts from all the medical areas, from all the known - and ready existing therapies - NOT just the one we do to help Patrik (RDI) - to help each individual with ASD as they deserve it. Not just to those who's parents would agree with me...

Why I wish for that kind of Center - because I know the therapy we are living, might not help some other children, teens or adults. In this Center experts would look for all the problems and advantages each individual has and help to minimize the problems and expand the advantages.

I wish to be a happy place not the bitter one!!!

I wish I could raise funds for... but I know I never will. 
I just simply don't know how... to ask anybody for the money. I'm just too embarased. I was never taught how to do it. I was never raised that way...

That's why I'm playing Euro Millions Lottery... and hope twice per week... :o)     

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Autism in Slovenia... hmmmm....

Remember this: 

Well, today I'm continuing my thoughts about Autism & Slovenia. What is happening here.

Remember I told you I discover only a month ago that we don't have two societies, but three?... 


Yesterday, in the news at 7 p.m., I learned we have a new one. New society was (according to the lady on the TV) established by group od parents. I checked Facebook - haven't found anything about it. Checked 'Uncle Google' - I think it was something on a page 3 - the page is mainly under construction... 

But do they work toghether as one? I don't think so. I don't see them to do so. I see them working one against the other and I don't understand why? 

We are all in the same big kettle. We all have the same goal; to help our children make the best of them. To help them to have as independent life as possible. How we will reach that goal - does it matter? I don't think so.

Autism is a SPECTRUM! 

So if one therapy is good for some children, we can not say that this therapy is the only one right! And fit for all the children on the spectrum. Can we? I don't dare to state that? Do they? 
It seems to me that someone here in Slovenia is planning to state that. Is preparing a program for all the children on the spectrum...
Is this really the right way?

The societies I know - I feel - work one against the others... And they should work as 4 Musketeers: One for all and all for one! They should get together and speak against our Goverment; Ministy of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry for Labour, Family and Social Affairs... I think we could find them more...

Our Goverment is good at doing what Caesar did more than two thousand years ago:

This lesson they learned very well... they just know how to divide us...  

Monday, April 02, 2012

Light It Up Blue - 2nd April

Two things for today:

1. my brooch - I've made for my colleagues at work. We wore it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

2. our front door in the evening... we joined to Light it up Blue...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Autism Awareness

This post is for Special Saturday, an online ‘global’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of children and adults living with special needs.
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Well, as it happens, I don't have any problems to share our story, our journey which is accompanied with Autism. Some might think that strange, but that's me.

Since the day when we were told what might have been going on with Patrik and  read about the Autism on the internet and started to convince the doctors we are not hysterical or at least fit for mental hospital, I found myself telling about the Autism to anyone who listened and also to those who didn't.

My God, I must have bored people to the death with this theme. I still do... :o)

Then I dicovered blogging and started to bore people not just around me, but also around the Globe.  :o)

In this 5 years long journey - and it's not over yet - we met a lot of people. Different people. Those who didn't understand what we are going through (and still don't), some who tried to understand what is like, some that pretend to understand and few who actually understand the crazy world we have been pushed in.

Haven't blame any of them. They did and do the best they can and you can't blame someone who does the best he can, can you?

I was told few times that I should do the blogging in my language too, not just in English. That I'm in no title to argue about almost non existing Autism awareness in our country. I gave quite some time to think about this... 

I realised they may be right. 

So my resolution is - to find time to do it in both languages at the same time. If that will raise the Awareness we need, it will worth it.