Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrik's day

I was always a great fan of St. Patrik's day, although I'm no Irish. Even before we gave our son his name. I fell in love with Irish music more than two decades ago and I still love it. 

So, today it's Patrik's patron's day and somewhat mine 'drinking' night. Don't be alarmed - I don't practice this:

As today is Patrik's patron's day and we always have much trouble what to give him for present, we finaly found the perfect one. At least we hoped for.

In the morning we went to town as every Saturday. Withough Loris. She decided to spend the weekend with her Grandma, Janez's mother. Saturday the only day in a week we can do it withouth too much rushing through the store to get everything we need for the following week. Afterwards we decided to go and buy the gift. Janez's mother contributed for the gift and so did my parents. The first store run out of it so we had to drive 15 minutes to the town near by to get it.
It was funny to see Janez's face when he learned that the big box he got is not the only one. Somehow he managed to get both boxes to the car and it was nice to see Patrik how he touched the boxes when we told him that it's his present and what is in them.

At home I went to prepare lunch and Janez started to bould the trampoline. With no manual he was looking like this.
But as he is as subborn as I'm the middle result was quickly seen.
Patrik watched him through the windows but paying no extra attention what Janez is doing. 
It was 10 minutes later when I heard a real laugher from the family room. I went to see what was happening. Patrik was laughing and jumping up and down behind the windows watching Janez to assemble the trampoline. All that was missing was the safety net, yet Patrik recognised what was going to stand on our terrace from today forward.

He ran and started to put on his snickers, showing me that he wants to go out. I know that when Janez is assembling something - it's for the best to leave him alone... So I told Patrik he will have to wait. He was somewhat angry with me, yet he obeyed me, put off his snickers and waited infront the windows for final act.

Unfortunately for him I had lunch prepared so I called Janez in and Patrik to the table. After lunch, which was finished from Patrik side and at the end also from Janez's very quickly, Janez returned to the terrace to finish the assembly and to find out that the manual was hidden under the safety net he took out the last. :o)

It was not long after that, when I first had to test it - if it will bear my weight so it will Patriks's and at the end, also Loris's weight. It did. Patrik was watching me and after I came out I told him to put on his snickers through the window. At first he was stearing at me and then in an instant he run to the hallway and we saw him putting on his snickers in a rush. I hardly managed to get around the house to get him. He was already waiting for me at the door. 

Janez went in, tired as he was awake from the 5:30 a.m. (that was the time Patrik woke up today) and I stayed with him outside.
He was really enjoing the jumping and I was watching him with a smile on my face. Finally we made it. We bought the perfect gift. 

The afternoon slowly passed to the evening and the time to put Patrik into the bed was here. As always Patrik made no fus. After the dinner he went to the loo and afterwards to the bathroom for his evening routine. Not much of a routine, but anyway. 

He was tired. I saw that on his red colored cheeks and his face. He was ready to go to his bed.

After turning off the lights in his room, after closing his door, I was ready to start my 'drinkin night' with a pint of Guinness. :o)


  1. Cse najboljše, Patrik! Na zdravje, Petra!

  2. Wow, what an exciting present for Patrik.... the perfect present!
    Hey, finally a photo of you, great hat AND a very pretty face!! :)