Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last week-end was again one of those where we have seen the progress with Patrik.

Patrik is - at least for now still - non verbal. He babbles all the time. I know that there are times when he actually explains thing to us. How do I know that? Well, if you listen what he has to say very, very carefully - you hear him repeating the same babbling again and again. 

I swear that last Thursday I heard him repeat the same things at least four times. As we had a PTA meeting in the school for Loris, he and she were at their Grandma for that hour and a half. 
When I came to pick them up, he came to me and as this was the first time that he actually saw me that day, to greet me and started to babble. Right away I noticed he was trying to tell me something. So I went down on the floor and I tried to understand what he was trying to say to me - I really tried, but couldn't connect nor divide the babbling into the words. 

As he stopped I was somewhat crushed. I so wanted to know what he was telling me. He didn't seem to be angry or frustrated, but I was - at me. My boy was telling me something that was obviously very important to him and I just couldn't understand what.

Next day - on Friday - he surprised me enormously. When I came home from work - just to pick up Loris and drove her to her piano lesson, I looked for Patrik. When I found him behind the sofa I asked for the kiss. Usually he comes and gives one. But... 
instead of the kiss, I got a question: "Zakaj?" (Why?) Loud and clear.
I was so surprised I almost froze. Janez came in and I asked him if he heard what he said. Before Janez managed to answer, Patrik slid behind the sofa with his teddy in his hands and suddenly we heard him laughing so much and so loud that it was almost unbelievable.

But during the week-end we heard a lot of: MAMA, ATA (daddy), KRA-KRA (as as sound of the crow or a raven), ČIVAVA (chihuahua), KOMA (a coma)...

And then it happened again on Saturday - when Janez finally managed to assemble the trampoline I said to Patrik to put on his snickers and then to come to me. His answer to all this my saying. 

"TAKOJ!" (Right away!)

It was again real answer to my words.

And after we returned back in and I started to prepare him an afternoon snack, I heard him: "Kakal sem, sranje!" (I poo, sh&%/t) I went from the kitchen to the family room where he was and asked him what did he say. He repeated. It was something he never did before. To repeat the same words after he already said them. Of course I checked if he really did what he said as it was strange to me, that he would have done in his pants and he didn't. I answered him that he has not done that and that if he needs to go, he knows where the toilet is. I got a short glimpse and afterwards he almost run in there. At that time, he didn't poo, but he did later in the evening. :o) 

Well on Sunday morning he continued his GREAT week-end. When I was preparing his breakfast - a slice of bread - yes I have a "much work" to give him breakfast (he doesn't want anything else) and gave him, he smelled it  as always. As I'm always talking to our boy, although not expecting an answer, and I asked him "Bo v redu?" '(If it is OK?)' and he said back: "BO, BO!" 
The accurate translation to this words would be: "It will. It will." but the real meaning to this words was: "Yes. Yes."

In the afternoon, when we all returned home from my parents, Patrik vanished. As he usually vanishes in his room or behind the sofa, we were not scared where he is. Janez called him by his name in till this Sunday, we never got any reply. We had always had to look for him where he had been. This time he got an answer behind the sofa: "JA?" (Yes?)

In the evening, when we already put both of them to bed I somewhat sensed that Patrik will come down the stairs again. He woke up at 3 a.m. that morning and fell a sleep in the afternoon. That's why 8 p.m. was just to soon for him to go to sleep. And I was right.

He came down and joined us. We were watching TV (don't ask me what was on as I don't remember). Patrik was behind the sofas and checked the bookshelves as usual. 
Suddenly we hear him: "I am. I am." Yes, this time I don't need to translate as it was in English. Janez and I looked at each other and I asked Patrik: "Kaj si?" (What are you?). In response we got another: 

"I AM!

I agreed with him. He really is. 

After that Janez and I exchanged short conversation if he will start to speak  in English and Janez said, that IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER, as long as we can understand him. I agreed to that.

We just finished this 'short' exchange of the opinion when Patrik had spoken again: "ČUJ. ČUJ." (Listen. Listen.) Of course we looked him and Janez asked: "What?"
He smiled at us and said: "ČUJ TO!" (Listen to this.) - three times. 

What was most amazing with this "all week-end talking" was that he was actually repeating himself and after we asked him or said something to him. In the past he never repeated himself. 
He was just like "Michelle from the Resistance" ('Alo, 'Alo): "Listen very carefully. I will say this only once!" And before he was like that. He didn't repeat what he said. If we were lucky enough we heard him, but here and there we just didn't expect him to speak. 

I'm glad to say this was not the end of the talking. Yesterday he stayed with my mom - he had a slight fever and he coughed so we left him home, and today I stayed home, just to be sure that this will not get worse. I asked my mom to write down everything she will hear him say. And she did. 

It was again at breakfast, as she gave him his slice of bread. As it was different kind from ours, he smelled it (as always) and he cheered it with a smile on his face. When my mother asked him "if it OK?" he answered: "JA. JA." (Yes. Yes.

According to my mother, he spoke words again as mama, daddy, aunt... etc... in our language of course.

But I think I will remember the most: 

"I AM!" 

It was a statement. And has the right to it.


  1. oh how lovely for you to hear your little boy start to speak, I hope that this is just the beginning and he speaks more and more for you. x

    1. We certainly hope that this is it, Anne. That this was/is the breakthrough. Fingers crossed. x

  2. Aww this is fantastic and amazing. I hope that he now continues to talk more and more . Obviously he just needed to find his confidence wow so happy for you xx

  3. Celebrating for you! :D