Saturday, March 17, 2012

Define normal

I always thought that 'normality' is very relative concept.

But nevertheless, in the past we used the expression: "A you normal?" much to often. Every time someone has done something that was not 'average'. 

Actually - normal is average. 

Everything that is not average we think that it is not normal in one way or the other.

'Normal week' of my family looks like this: Our 'normal' week scedule

So, normal for us is running around until children go to their beds. Normal for us is that large part of the housework is done by my husband. Normal for us is, I'm away from the family for 10,5 hours per weekday, some days even more and some days a little less. Normal for my family is that - at least for the last year - we (my husband and I) are at constant stress in which school - well, not so much in school, but in which program - we will be able to get our son in. Normal for us is that we are constantly battling over our guilt that we are not so much there for our daughter than we are for Patrik. And on the other hand, normal for us is that we are battling over the guilt, we are not doing enough for him either.

Normal for me and my husband is - we are running our lives not just 100%, but 130% or more at some days. When happens that we do not need to run it 130% - we are lost, forgetful and you can not even imagine what things happens when we get some relax time. 

Normal for me is, worrying what will be the future for us - me and my husband... when we will stay alone. Without much of worrying about our children's future...

He*he*he*he... Yes, definitely normal for me is - I'm an everlasting optimist! :o) 


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