Friday, March 30, 2012

Book worm

For a child who didn't want to learn how to read and who's mother had hard time to get her child behind the first grade tutorial book, I can say that in a few years later I managed to become real book worm. 

I loved libraries. The smell of the books; of paper the books were made by. I was able to read whole night if the book was right. If the story was interesting enought.

I remember one night in my past - I was a teenager - I read the book from Kathleen E. Woodwiss: A Rose in Winter - in my room with lights turned off. The only light I had was a street light outside my balcony window. I finished it when my alarm clock rang. It was time for me to get ready and to go to school. Nice. Beeing awake all night... I don't need to explain.

Then in the years of my High school I tried myself as a writer. Why? Inspite of my Slovene teacher who - for reason unknown to me - hated me whole four years. I just prayed to finish High school ASAP and get rid of her. I never knew what I did to her that first hour in first grade of my High School to deserve such a behaviour. As my writings never satisfied my teacher I started to write and send my stories to different magazines under 'nickname'. And they published them, with quite good rewiews. 

It was last year of my High shool. I brought back home another 'not quite good grade' for my writings. That was enough for my mother. She went to her - although I asked her not to - and had thrown on her desk some of my published stories. How she reacted, I don't know. Neither of them said anything to me.

"I don't care what they say about your writings. For me, you don't know how to write!" - that was all I got from my teacher next day. 

O.K. that was it. That didn't stop me. I wrote... for me. For my soul. And then for my friends, who encouredged me to publish again. So I contacted some magazines and got back in.

It was later, when I met my future husband who encouradged me - to find a publisher and publish the novels as books. Still I was not sure if I'm good enough. 

Then one day I got phone call. A lady from a publishing company called and told me that she got my contact information from the magazine I wrote for. She was interested in publishing my novels. We agreed I send her one of my unpublished stories and after few weeks she proposed a meeting.  

When we came (yes, Janez went with me) to the meeting, a real surprise waited for me. After few words and greetings and... small talk, she said they wanted to published the novel in a hard cover. I just couldn't believed it. As she saw that, she offered me an contract. Who would read it. At that time, I was not sure if that was OK or not. I wanted to take it to someone who knew more about this matters than myself, when she throw infront of me another surprised. 

They already made the book. She put it infront of me on the table. It was really unbelievable. Withouht thinking I signed the contract. It was pure luck I was not fooled. 

I was so proud. Although it was not my real name on it - I used pseudonym - I was proud. 

So we agreed I sent them new novel. And I did - few months later, second book was published. Wow! Well, the payment was late, but who cares (at that time) - my second book was published. 

I sent them third one. They published it too.

But the payment never came on my account. I tried to get them to tell me what was the reason, never got any persuaded reason for it. They tried to convince me to send them new novel, but I said NO! I knew the books selled as I checked some of the bookstores and they told me how much books they got and how quickly they were sold. 

I wrote down several stories after that, but never tried to contact another publisher here in our country. I didn't see the point. Again this became my hobby I loved. 

But then...  I run out of time. Stories are still in my head, but I just can't find the time to get them out on the paper. 

A week or so ago, I found one - unfinished. I know that I started to write it a - a long, long, long - time ago. I know because of some facts in that story. I remember I tried to finished it two years ago on our summer vacation. Never did. So, I printed it and gave it to read to one of my colleagues at work, who likes to read as much as I do. 

On Monday she came into my (our) office and 'cursed' me in laughter. I was wondering why? The explanation was: "FINISHED IT ALREADY!"

I will - I just have to find time...


  1. Petra! You must make time for your passion! Schedule it in! Its good for your soul ;-)

    1. Elisa, I would love to... but you can not schedule the inspiration. It comes, when it comes... the only thing, when that happens, are priorities... Maybe I should go through them again...

  2. Petra you must move on with your writing my special friend. I know it is hard with holding down a job and 2 little ones to look after..Wishing you nothing but the best of luck for your future. All my love xx Katie xx

  3. You are a very talented lady and have so much to give to others aswell as your job and having 2 children. Please dont stop your writing keep going you have a special gift and your such a treasure, wishing you all the success in the world all my love Michele xxx