Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter holidays

On Friday Loris had the last day of school before her Winter holidays. In my days - back then, once uppon a time - :o) - our school year was devided only on two half terms. Now it seems they have holidays almost every two months... :o) 

But nevertheless... Remember the packing? How we still pack our bags whenever we travel? Especially when we travel with plane? Only one suitcase and no more? We will not pay for extra? Sitting on the suitcase till it's not closed. Almost jumping on it?

This is almost how Loris packed her bags today. Like she is going away for good - at least on the other side of the planet, with no chance to return. Yet, she went to stay with her Grandma (my mother in law) which came back from her visit in Canada. 

My mother in law lives in the same city as we do. Only thing is, she lives in a centre of the town, yet we live in suburban of the city. As we got several 'homeworks' for this week holidays in her school and in as she has to practice the piano, we agreed that I pick her up at 4 p.m. when I return from my job and at 5 p.m. she is going back to her Grandma.

So, there was no point of such packing of the stuff. If she forgot something she will be able to take that next day..., yet she packed it. 

Anyway, for the future she will still need some practice how to pack - to avoid paying extra... :o)

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