Monday, February 06, 2012

Waving good-bye

Waving good-bye is something Patrik never did 'well'. At the beginnig we couldn't persuade him to do anything. We had hard time to explane others why he doesn't want to do this. 

"This is just something he doesn't do." 
was a sentence we repeated a lot. 

Some time later he began to 'wave' his way. He didn't lifted his hand, he didn't 'wave', instead of that, he just opened and closed his fist for two or three times. So many times this went by unnoticed. 

And again:
"This is how Patrik waves 'good-bye.' 
was repeated again. Different sentence but nevertheless, same old story.

Yesterday something amazing happened. We were all in the family room when I saw that Patrik is starting to leave it. On my question, where he was going, he turned arround with a smile on his face and in his eyes. I knew where he was hedding to. So I waved and said:

Still looking strait in to my eyes, he lifted his arm and waved back. I almost freeze (not just because of the cold outside...). Of course the camera was not on - again. Grrrr...

So I let him leave the room. Not long after that he returned. I already had camera in my hands - just in case... And I tried again... Hoping this was not just one time thing...

The result is here...