Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swimming lessons

Last five days Patrik's group in preschool had swimming lessons. Every day for arround 2 hours in the swimming pool. I knew that Patrik will enjoy. I was not sure how much of lesson he will learn. 

As we were told yesterday, when we were invited for the final lesson to introduce the course to the parents; they wanted to teach children two main things:

1.) to reduce the fear of water - goal, to put the head below the surface
2.) to learn how to float/slide on the water.

One of my fear before the swimming course started was, that he will poo in the pool. In the past, whenever he came into the water, he did that. Mostly in the bath tub. We know it was mainly our fault, but...

... he surprised us. He didn't do that at all. Every day we read words of encouragement in our diary. I hardly waited for the Friday. I took a day off, to do some video clips and photos.

Anyway, at the end he got his diploma, where clearly stands that he successfully mastered one thing - to dive his head beneath the water surface. We were happy that he mastered that in a week. We know that to master swimming all together, we need more time. One week is just not enough.

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  1. Glad he enjoyed it ... and didn't poo in the pool! Well done Patrik!