Monday, February 06, 2012

Still below Zero

Remember this?

Yes, that was last winter. Somehow I miss this now. Because it's so cold. They say it will not get any better this week. I'm so sorry for the rest of the Europe that got even worse wether than we did.
To demostrate how cold is here... Look at this.

 On this one above, you can actually see how running river starts to freeze...
Thise  photos were taken on Friday. Our river Savinja, that runs through the city began to freeze. This doesn't happen often. I don't even remember the last time it did.

I hope this will go away soon. Yes we are in February, but we are only half way through the Winter...


  1. You may have seen on the news... we have loads of snow (for us in England) it has settled and people have had fun in the snow. I can't believe it has snowed in February, that is really weird!

  2. So bizarre, that you are freezing.... and I am battling with the heat and humidity!!

    1. Yes Di. It's bizarre but we are on the oposite poles of the Earth... In six months who knows what we will be telling each other...

  3. I've heard (BBC radio 2) on Saturday that you've got snow. I hope everything is OK now... We still have cold and last two days snows 24/7. Luckly it's not much after all...