Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shrove Tuesday (Pustni torek)

Today is the Shrove Tuesday. This are the days that we are chasing the Winter away. Kids and all other young by heart put masks on their faces and go on a parade. Well, on Sunday we already had Shrove Sunday and this year Loris surprised us with her choice of what mask she wants to be.

At first, her choice was - a princess. No surprise. She started talking about Shrove Tuesday last November. After that, she forgot about it... till New Year was over. Then again. Another conversation - another choice.

Cowgirl. This costume she already wore last year and I said OK. You have to ask your aunt Simona (my sister) if she still has the costume. Did she ask her? I don't know. 

She came home weekend before this one, with completely different costume. One I was not quite prepared for. Not that I wasn't aprove it. But as my girl is so much in Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty, Jessy from Toy Story... the costume she brought back from my sister's place, was something completly different. 

Vampire queen

And at the end - she looked the right one in it... didn't she?

Now... a bonus question. Did this person put her costume on or off? :o) 



  1. A very cool Vampire Queen!
    I am not going to answer your bonus question!!! Ha ha! :D

  2. Čisto prava vampirska princesa, je v nedeljo na gradu nismo spoznali.