Friday, February 03, 2012

The purpose of the tasks

Yesterday we did new RDI objective. As the first part of it went right last week, we had to do the second part to complete it. 

And what did we learned?

Well, much...  It's clearly seen on this clip above... 

At first he refused the cup we put infront of him. Then he wanted to see if I had something in my cup in which I stired the spoon. When he realised that I was stiring 'air', he saw no meaning in that kind of activity.
Patrik didn't want to do it, because I gave him empty cup and spoon and tried to get him to stear the spoon in it. Actually why should he? What is the purpose to stear the spoon in empty cup? There is no meaning to do this. Who does that? Noone 'sane' or someone very bored and waiting. What was I thinking? Luckily I found something to put into the cup and afterwards he did what we hoped he will do. 

Now I know something new... We will have 'hard' time to find the meaning of every task he will be given. Otherwise he might just not does it, although that will not mean that he can not does it. 
I see even more planning for every activity we will get. Lucky me...


  1. Aha, I also have an RDI post in the pipeline!! :)
    You are fortunate that Patrik can cope with three people at the table. Nick gets very distracted if there is more than one person involved in the activity. Thanks for sharing.

    1. :o) - Yes, we are lucky that Patrik can cope with more people around him... but we have to give him the attention, if we don't than... there is different story...