Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lost Tooth & The Tooth Fairy

Patrik lost his first tooth yesterday. For the last 14 days we saw that one of his lower front teeth crates... As Patrik doesn't like to open his mouth when asked to, we thought a lot how to check if this is not just our imagination.

Then we had a common enlightening... :o) We wash his teeth every morning and every evening. That was perfect timing to see if the tooth crates or not. Because that is the only time Patrik opens his mouths when told to. Our thinking was not imagination. It was for real. His tooth wanted to go out.

He is 6 years old and untill now we had no problems with his teeth and that is why our visits with the detinst are not so frequent as we wish to. We know dentist is  just one of the obstacles we have to face and conquer. 

We were at his dentist several time - mostly when Loris had her half year checking and although he went into dentist's office and we had no problems with 'just beeing there' - he never wanted to sit on the chair... To open his mouth? NO WAY. There was no crying, no meltdown, no struggles... The big reason was we never let it that far. 

On Friday afternoon, when we came home and playing in the family room I asked him to open his mouth as I saw him that he is playing with the tooth. Patrik looked at me strait into my eyes and opened his mouth. His tooth was like a 'leaning tower of Pisa' - for real... It was leaning but still firmly attached on one side into his gum. He let me touched it and even tried to pull it, but I had no luck.

We both (Janez and I) tried that several times during the weekend. Each time Patrik opened his mouth and let us try. When we didn't succeed, he played with it with his tongue. We saw that he was having fun. 
Yesterday morning - I was alread at work - Janez wrote me through the skype that we have 'škrba-brba' at home. This is one of our saying, with wich we began when Loris lost her first tooth. We didn't want her to feel embarest, because he lost her tooth, so we invented this words. I can not translate it for you - but it means our child who losts one or two or...etc... teeth.

I asked him if Patrik finally let him got it out, but the anwer was:"No. When he woke up, he took it out of his mouth and brought it to me in his hand." I was amazed. We never told him specificaly that we wanted the tooth, yet in all that week end struggle to get the tooth, he realised that if he would brigh us the tooth we would be happy. And... he was right.

Yesterday evening, when he showed us that it's time to go to sleep I asked him where is the tooth. He waited me on the stairs that I took the tooth with us and when I put him into his bed - covered with two heavy duvets - I showed him where I put the tooth and told him very shortly about the Tooth Fairy. He was smiling when he watched me taking care of his tooth. I didn't put it under his pillow, instead I put it into a nice dark blue open box so that the tooth was clearly seen and told him what will happen when he will fell asleep. 

That was actually his first meeting with the imaginary charater. I wonder what reaction is/was/will be when he wakes up this morning.

Yes I'm already on the way to my work... and they are still sleeping...


  1. Such a sweet story. I am also interested to see what his reaction is going to be. Nick has swallowed all of his teeth!!

    1. Hi Di

      as Janez told me through skype... in the morning he was not interesting about the money tooth fairy left for him... I'm not sad nor upset. Somehow I was expecting that. But... we HAVE his tooth... :o)